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Friday, 14 February 2014

It had to be today!

Today is the right day for it I told myself!

I am going to tell you what I received from my swap partner....ok no groaning,or mumbling about it being another display of swap swapping over to facebook now ...bear with me and admire the generosity of my Send a little Love swap partner; PJ at The Snail Garden

Hosted by  Tracy at Mad about Bags.

 First of all I have to tell you it was I like what you like from the very start. Quite canny really!!!
PJ collects jugs...I collect jugs....PJ loves too!   She is a button guessed right me too! ......and so it goes on!!! 
She loves crochet too!
She is in fact a fantastic crocheter just look here and I think you will agree with me!

You just know the goodies are going to be scrumptious when this sort of loveliness spills out of the parcel or rather spilled out of this:

and then see this 

I literally gave a sigh when I saw these gorgeously wrapped gifts ....all shapes and sizes! I felt like rubbing my hands together like Fagin in Oliver Twist (do you know what I mean??)
I just knew I was going to enjoy unwrapping these parcels!!

and I was right


 I'm going to leave you to comment as I am quite speechless!
and this 
sparkling heart bookmarker

and buttons .... heart buttons!!
some chocolate which rapidly disappeared ....a lovely pouch....and some delicate rose soap :-)

A hanging heart!

I so heart all of this!

Heavan....I am so lucky!!!

Thank you so much PJ .....very very generous!


You may have noticed I have changed the comment settings here to registered OpenID .....I'm trying it out for the time being because I have been inundated with Annoymous comments....spam comments. I'm talking about receiving 20 to 30 a day. I'm fed up of it so I hope by changing my settings I will get rid of it!!!

and finally:

Bless his heart Sr P didn't forget!

Happy Valentine's Day

Amanda :-)



  1. What a generous swap, this has been a really good one, hasn't it?
    Joy x x

  2. Fabulous goodies!

    I have posted you another little parcel this week to make up for the lost Autumn Swap - keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it arrives safely!


  3. Thank you so much Helen ….I shall indeed look forward to it…..I'll be holding my breath it gets to me safely too.

    Enjoy yourself in Cordoba.

    A xx

  4. What beautiful gifts you received. I love the bookmark. The chocolate never stays around long.
    Ali x

  5. These beautiful gifts put a smile on my face--something special for someone special! Happy Valentine's Day, XOXO

  6. Oh that doily is beautiful! It's all lovely, such great gifts! That doily really is gorgeous :) Have a lovely Valentine's day with Sr P <3

  7. That is a gorgeous package of hearts and love. The doily is amazingly beautiful. And the bookmark, and the buttons and the chocolate. Oh my! I'm so impressed.
    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  8. What lovely gifts!! So many beautiful hearts on the very LOVE day!! Lucky you, Amanda!!! And the doily is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!

  9. What lovely gifts Amanda, I love the doily so pretty and the hearts, Happy Valentines Day to you. xx

  10. I don't like comment spam either! every once in a while it comes in clusters.
    Love your swap hearts

  11. What lovely swap gifts. That doily is absolutely gorgeous. Happy Valentine's Day from the US.

  12. What gorgeous gifts. You lucky girl.
    Love from Mum

  13. Wow!! that is a gorgeous swap bundle! Amazingly beautiful. XOX

  14. Such beautiful gifts Amanda!Enjoy them!Happy Valentine;s Day!!

  15. Having received one of PJ's gorgeous crochet doilies I can understand that you were speechless when your parcel arrived. I'm so glad you have enjoyed this swap xx

  16. Very pretty!! Happy Valentine's Day, Amanda!

  17. Wow what a great bunch of goodies! Gorgeous doily. Hope you had a great Valentines Day!

  18. What a great swap... You are one lucky girl my friend. Hope you have a great rest of your valentines day,

  19. That really is a fabulous spread of love! And well done to Snr P - as I handed him a card & a wee pressie, my Mr said something along the lines of "oh, I didnt think we were doing Valentines this year". Huh?! Bless... ;-)
    Happy weekend!

  20. You are so lucky to get those lovely gifts !!:) you had a wonderful Valentines day!

  21. What an astoundingly beautiful gift!
    Pat xx

  22. Hi Amanda, what a gorgeous swap parcel you received! Love the crochet heart especially! Really lovely goodies xxx

  23. Certainly alot of love went into this swap Amanda.
    Lots of lovely things and that doiley is just beautiful.
    I can imagine how much fun it was opening everything up.

    Claire :)

  24. what a gorgeous parcel. The crochet is stunning.

    1. Hello Kimberley,Thanks for visiting.
      I agree with your comment totally! I was overwhelmed!

      A x

  25. How fun! Beautiful collection of gifts.Love the heart!

  26. Hi Amanda So glad that you liked your gifts, it was a pleasure making them for you. Thank you again for my lovely presents. Best wishes, Pj x

  27. You're right, that really is the most fabulous swop parcel! Lucky you :D

  28. WOW! Pj made and sent such wonderful things for your swap, Amanda! Thanks for letting us appreciate her work and generosity, too. Enjoy :)

  29. What a gorgeous goodie packed gift bag !

  30. Some sweet Valentine's Day booty you got yourself there Amanda :)

  31. What a wonderful swap parcel from PJ, so many lovely things! The crochet mat is so beautiful, so intricate - amazing!
    Hope you had a lovely day!
    Gill xx


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