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Sunday, 16 March 2014

That smell reminds me of my childhood

Do some Smells remind you of your childhood?

                   You are probably wondering why I have launched a photo of Dettol here and no I do not own stocks and shares in the company Reckitt & Benckiser who manufacture Dettol! Actually these thoughts of how smells trigger memories came about after reading Betsy's post on her blog The simple life of a Queen   where she mentions how she likes the smell of bleach in the bathroom. One thought lead to another and I was reminded of how much I love the smell of Dettol disinfectant in the bathroom and kitchen. It always reminds me of my Dad who used it in abundance ......I get a whiff of dettol and can picture my childhood home and my Dad straight away. He was a great believer of  the use of DETTOL.       However not all is sweet memories in the world of smell as Fairy liquid lemon makes my stomach turn, all due to the fact that when I was pregnant I could just catch a tiny whiff of that detergent and it would bring on a bout of sickness. Even to this day I never buy nor can I stand Fairy Liquid Lemon.

Have you ever noticed that a certain smell can bring forth a rush of vivid memories?

However my comments on Dettol do not end here. I was utterly disgusted to find that when I  moved to live in Spain that Dettol was NOT sold in Spain and the only form of general disinfectant to be found was bleach. Just like Betsy I do like the smell of bleach and it gives the impression that my bathroom is nice and clean when I smell it but I missed the Dettol.   It really niggled me in that I couldn't get it or find anything remotely like it. Therefore every time I went home to the UK I would bring some Dettol with me and use it very sparingly. Any member of the family who came for a visited had to also bring Dettol rations with them . In that way I managed to maintain most of the time a Dettol whiff in the bathroom and kitchen of my home.  I have been fortunate to find that over the last few years Dettol has sometimes been sold in the little British supermarkets that are situated in the beach resorts in this area. I travel 30 minutes by car each month approximately to go to Quick Save to buy my bottle of Dettol although sometimes they don't have any in stock!
I really don't know why it is not sold here in Spain!
I'd like to launch a request to the Dettol company.  I would be most grateful if you could open up a market for your product here in Spain so I don't have to travel 30 minutes every month to get my supply although sometimes I travel there for nothing as it isn't in stock!   Thank you nicely!


My makeover is complete and the trim attached and I feel quite pleased I have managed to salvaged a badly frayed gauze scarf. I'm very much a scarf and shawl person and that particular scarf is one of my favourites as being black it goes with most anything. It now has a new lease of life and also looks like a different scarf all together. I used some Nº 5 Cotton that I had over ,a Nº 2.00 crochet hook and some black/blue pearl beads which was my own personal tweak to this pattern.
 It is not my pattern. I picked it up quite some time ago online and I'm afraid I don't know where from now. Nevertheless should I come across the webpage again or should the designer recognize it and like to send me a message I will certainly attribute it to you here.

Welcome ,welcome to my new follower!


Amanda :-)


  1. The scarf is beautiful!

    TCP always brings back my childhood, so many cuts and grazes - yes, I was quite a tomboy.


  2. Oh,yes Amanda!!The Dettol smells, remind me of my childhood,living in Melbourne!My mother use it alot!
    I love your scarf!!Its so beautiful!!Wish you a happy week!!

  3. My daughter in law used dettol all the time when she was expecting my eldest grandson because she liked the smell. The house smelled like a hospital!
    We were in a shop in Hebden Bridge the other day and there was some Wrights coal tar soap which we both said reminded us of our childhoods.

  4. I think I prefer the smell of bleach to the smell of Dettol. Your scarf looks super.
    Love from Mum

  5. Hey, Dettol is a part of my childhood memories too! My parents totally believed in it. :)
    Love the edging on the scarf. I want to do something similar for a top which is a tad short. Hopefully in 2014.......hehe.

  6. Dettol. I've never heard of that. I wonder what it smells like? In my mind, I think it could maybe smell like pine? I'm glad my post got your memory going. Usually blogs are full of crafty, happy type chatter. I thought, now who could help me with my cleaning issues better than a bunch of other ladies who also clean their homes? And that's exactly what I found. The ladies all rallied around and had good suggestions. On another subject, I sure do love that "new" scarf. The trim is absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job with it. So very pretty.

  7. you did a great job with your scarf!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  8. Oh yes Dettol! My Mum liked to use Dettol and TCP, always a mix of Dettol and warm water for the cut, scrapes and grazes. We like Imperial Leather soap but it must be the original one and like you we have to scout the British outlets, but we do have Iceland around here so can usually pick items up. Love your scarf, a lovely way to restore it back to new again.

  9. haha my IRish friend Helen always ends her emails telling me to BE GOOD

  10. The distinctive smell of the ocean reminds me of drives to the beach and the competition in my family to see who would be first to see the sea :) You beautifully saved your scarf, Amanda! Bravo! xx

  11. I just love what you've done with that scarf! Although I now have visions of you wearing it while cleaning the bathroom!!

  12. ooh that's gorgeous !
    Remember TCP ?

  13. Oooh, Dettol....a definite reminder of my childhood! I still love the smell also, and my Dad still uses it!! Love the scarf, very pretty :)

  14. What a beautiful scarf and color.

    Hugs Diane

  15. Hello Diane.
    Thank you so much for visiting and your kind comments. I find black such a versatile colour it goes with everything...practically so I was very reluctant to throw my frayed scarf into the bin!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  16. I still have a teensy bottle of Dettol in my bathroom cupboard, am I strange? xxxx

    1. I don't think you are strange Pat.....I feel something is missing in my home if I don't have a good old bottle of Dettol! Thanks for visiting. A :-)

  17. The scarf is stunning! Dettol takes me back too...also mint humbugs remind me of my Gramps ^_^ XOX

  18. Dettol definitely brings me back to my childhood. I love Dettol too. everything feels a lot cleaner when you smell it.
    My goodness your scarf is stunning .Love the beads such a beautiful edging
    Have a lovely weekend

  19. You're scarf looks so pretty. What a lovely delicate edging. Xx

  20. Hi Amanda, Thank you for your lovely comment. I have managed to put a follower button on my blog now and you're the first one! We already know each other, I used to blog at The Log Cabin but wanted a fresh start. Glad we're in contact again xxx

  21. That would be so lovely of you. It will be nice to be in touch with the old gang again xxx

  22. Oh, I have those memories too with familiar smells. Your scarf edging is just beautiful! XOXO


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