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Sunday, 27 April 2014

What a good stretch can do!

My DUNE shawl

I call it this because the colours remind me of the Dunes at Guardamar.
The pattern is not my own it is from Without Seams and you can find the pattern on Ravelry. The edging is mine and so is the overlaid ribbing.
This is a make I started back in January and put to one side as always I get very easily distracted by other interesting makes!   This is another stash buster. I have so much yarn!!!  As yet all these stash buster makes just don't seem to make any difference to my stash at all. Not even a dent!!!
I swear I haven't bought any new yarn.

It looks quite big but it is a middle sized shawl.

Blocking so makes a difference!!!

Welcome Welcome to my two new followers!

Amanda :-)


  1. That will be a wonderfully warm shawl! I am at the beach in Oregon and it's breezy and chilly here - I've worn my shawl to good advantage every time I go out. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Well done Amanda!!!!!! ;od
    xxxxxxx ale

  3. Thanks for sharing your latest make, Amanda. I admire your daring to dream up and add elements to a pattern! [I do well to just follow a simple pattern :) ]

    1. Hello Gracie

      Thank you for visiting my blog …which you do frequently ….many thanks I so like to hear from you although I am not as active in blogland as I would like to be I DO like to hear from everyone.
      I really do like adding my own personal touches.If I had more time I think I could create my own patterns but I'lll have to wait until I retire for that.

      A xx

  4. This is really pretty! It did block out very well indeed. Enjoy your shawl Amanda : )

  5. I love shawls, and this one is a delight. x

  6. Morning lovely Amanda...
    It's always a delight to pop in and say hello...
    I'm a shawl lady too and think theirs nothing nicer that to wear one to compliment a pretty outfit...
    You've done so well with this ever so pretty one..Love the colour too!
    Amanda I couldn't help but notice the 'Spanish rescue kitties 'on your page...:)
    There is always, always something or some little body needing to be loved and re ~home..
    Go on jump back in when you have healed, it's the only thing to bring a smile back into a home after the loss..
    Take time to dream dear friend...
    Hugs Maria x

  7. I love the name of your shawl !

  8. I never block but shall make a point of doing so having seen this.

  9. It's beautiful, I love it particularly your own touches to make it special. I know exactly what you mean about the yarn not diminishing it must multiply when our back is turned haha I'm just itching to buy some but I must not! Don't forget to link up your beautiful shawl. :)

  10. Wow it is so beautiful and reminds me of a lovely sandy beach. Well done my friend.

  11. It's beautiful Amanda, very intricate and I love your own touches to it.

  12. It's lovely... the colours are gorgeous. Jx

  13. IM in awe. Awe of the knitting and awe of the blocking. Shock and awe and amazement!

  14. Beautiful.
    Love from Mum

  15. Beautiful shawl! I started a shawl last year and put it away in favour of other projects. Seeing yours has inspired me to get knitting mine again. Loved seeing the procession photos in your previous post. Best wishes, Pj xx

  16. Your shawl is beautiful Amanda..I love the colours (and the name) and I agree about the blocking!
    Very funny too about the yarn stash busting...I'm in the process of trying to get rid of some of mine in creative ways but I don't think there must be any bottoms to my baskets...they are just endlessly full of yarn! :-)
    Wishing you a happy new week,
    Susan x

  17. Hi Amanda, your shawl is so beautiful and the colors are perfect for it. I'm also trying to use the yarn I have this year. I need to make room for more! :-)

  18. You are amazing! What a beautiful shawl! Love, love the colors. Enjoy your week. Hugs, Maria

  19. Lovely shawl, and all the better for costing a dime ( well in a manner of speaking!! )
    Pat xx

  20. Its such a beautiful and delicate pattern, I love it! The colours are lovely and soft too, well done Amanda, I hope you enjoy wearing it!
    Gill xx

  21. Gosh ... I wonder how many stitches that beauty adds up to! Nice work :)

  22. Such beautiful work, Amanda! I love the pattern and your own added touches too, and the lovely colours.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  23. It's a beautiful shawl, I love your special edging and the colours you have chosen.
    My own stash diet was going quite well...until I discovered sock knitting!

  24. Beautiful I love the edging. A perfect colour as it will go with everything. I totally know what you mean about trying to put a dent in the stash. One of my favourite brands is on sale at the moment and I have placed a personal ban on buying any more yarn, but my goodness it is so hard. Why do we need so much yarn???
    Have a lovely day and enjoy your beautiful shawl

  25. Good Evening Amanda, Your shawl is beautiful and so delicate, I love the colour.... you are talented. I know what you mean about not making a hole in your stash, because although I don't crochet, I do sew and my material does not seem to go down. Secretly, I have to tell you, I am pleased about that.
    Best Wishes


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