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I am here to enjoy meeting other bloggers and to share my love of craft ,mostly crochet, my thoughts and my daily happenings here in Alicante,Spain, my adopted country. I belong to a local choir because singing and music makes me happy. Flea markets and book shops are two of my favourite places to be. I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk for about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Getting a Buzz

Short and sweet!!!  My post today ........after two weeks of silence....soon,soon,I'll be able to slow down and enjoy getting back to my blog and proper crochet. I might even be able to get back to using my sewing machine.   As the school year draws to an end and preparations for the big fire festival here has already begun, the Alicante City dwellers will be moving out to their beach apartments or villas to spend the summer months near to the sea or up in the mountains. This means my work slacks off and I can breath a little.

I am bone tired ... to the marrow...totally drained! I even think I would have put my crochet hook to one side for awhile (I shudder to think) if I hadn't seen Lucy´s from Attic 24 call out for mandalas to grace a large visual display in Yarndale this year.   As tired as I am I could not resist that!

It has made me feel so good crocheting this mandala which I call Fiery Sun over the Mediterranean. A total balm which has soothed my stressed mind!  It is my own pattern. I just sat down and did it during my restricted spare time and finished it in a week. All my own but greatly influenced by all the beautiful,original and creative crochet I have seen over these nearly three years of blogging. Three wonderful years!!!

My mandala has finally arrived into Lucy at Attic 24 hands and has been displayed here among all the other 275 glorious lovelies ....... a mass of colour and creativity.  It gives me such a buzz to see my mandala there among all the others that have arrived and keep arriving for the Yarndale mural from ALL over the world.

As I said I'm dead beat today but contemplating this ......

 doesn't take away the tiredness but has changed it to a comfy warm feeling that I can handle.

Na night all

Amanda :-)


  1. Your bright happy Mandala is wonderful. It was easy to spot in Lucy's pile of joy. Hope you get to enjoy more sewing and crocheting as the school year ends.
    Ali xx

  2. Sorry to hear that you are so warn out Amanda you must work so hard it can't be easy for you. I hope that you do manage to get a nice long break soon. Your mandala is beautiful and how clever of you to have made your own unique pattern. I wonder what it is about making mandala's that is so soothing and uplifting. I am working through each and every pattern I come across that I like of course and I am going to have my very own yarndale mandala display in my work room. Having said that I have only made two so far but have the next one planned. I will also send one of them to Lucy I feel sorry for her poor postman. You take care! xxxx

  3. Well, this mandala is gorgeous Amanda!!!!! BRAVA!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Take it easy girl! I wish you a boatload of relaxing crochet time. Your mandala is stunning, and what a beautiful collection Lucy has gathered for Yarndale.

  5. That's a really pretty mandala.. congrats! I would like to do it.. but haven't gotten the bug. The deadline is soon so I might miss it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hello Teresa

      Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting. You still have until the end of June if you change your mind :-)

      A x

  6. Wishing you well as Spring ends and Summer begins, Amanda. I enjoyed finding your beautiful mandala in Lucy's colorful collection! xx

  7. Your mandala is beautiful. It is very individually done as easy to spot among all of the others in the photo. I truly think I like yours best.

  8. Hello Amanda!!Your mandala is gorgeous!!!Great work indeed!!!
    I like the colours that you used!!You are so talented!!
    Wish you a happy week!!

  9. Your mandala is lovely Amanda. Funny that we both made one! :) Thank you for popping over - you are right about the rain, but I've had enough of it now! Best wishes, Pj x

  10. Looks lovely! Hope you can find time for a break soon ...
    M x

  11. It's beautiful.
    Love from Mum

  12. It is so beautiful. Hope you can rest up soon.

  13. Ooh spotted you and saw so many others that have been posted in other blogs - what a lovely cheerful post and photos :)

  14. Oh your mandala is beautiful! Take care of you. Lots of love XOX

  15. What a beautiful Mandala, the colours are really heartwarming. I'm sorry to hear you're so tired, I hope things slow down for you soon.

  16. Your mandala is gorgeous Amanda. What a wonderful collection.


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