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Monday, 25 August 2014

Giveaway Winner

The Golden Autumn Swap

I am participating in Blueberry Heart's Golden Autumn Swap once again this year and my swap partner is Ellie from Feltabulous.   This has come just at the right time because I was feeling a bit down about not being able to visit home (UK) once again this year! However I can feel the stirrings and excitement of meeting someone new from blogland,finding out what Ellie likes,thinking about what I am going to make and buying for the swap!
Blues you can just go away as I have a swap to participate in!

Now then lets get down to who the winner is for my Mediterranean giveaway !

There were 39 participants so I did it the old way and wrote out all the numbers on bits of paper and put them in the hat  ; a woolie crochet basket I made for the occasion and that I shall be adding to the goodies.

and there you have it number 28 which corresponds to Zana from Zana's Homemade entry who lives over there in Middle Earth , New Zealand. Congratulations Zana!!!
Could you please send me your address. 
Many thanks to all of you who have participated and I hate that only one of you can win but you know what if I win the big big win from the lottery I'll pop round to visit all my bloggy friends whereever you are and bring with me a little something from the Mediterranean for you!!!   
You never know ..... it just might happen!!!

"What's that Sr P.....what are you mumbling about under your breath....what .......yes I heard you .....and pigs might fly..........
Watch it mate! I just might leave you behind!!!! "

Amanda :-)


  1. Congrats to Zana! And you know, somebody always has to win that lottery, so it may as well be you and I look forward to your visit :-) Keep the faith! Glad to hear your swap planning is chasing the blues away... I think it's that time of year too, as the seasons change, we kind of shift with them, don't you think?
    Hugs xx

  2. Congratulations Zana! Love the basket Amanda. I think this time of year is a bit difficult for the blues so I'm glad that you've found a good swap to participate in to help chase them away. I hope you win that lottery because I would LOVE to meet you.

  3. congrats to Zana-enjoy all those goodies

  4. Congratulations to lucky Zana and to you, Amanda, for the beautiful gifts.
    I will pray for you to win the lottery so that you may visit me in Athens!!!!
    Have a happy week!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Golden Autumn sounds so good to me. I've so had enough of this heat.
    Congrats to your lucky winner.

  6. Oh Thank you so much Amanda, I am looking forward to receiving those yummy colours. Will chase my winter blues away. Hope you win the lottery, someone has to! Love to meet you as you sound like lots of fun! Have emailed you my address.

  7. How lovely of you to give to Zana and your swap partner, Amanda. And how lovely that that giving has cheered you in your homesickness. You are a winner in my book...lottery or no lottery :-) xx

  8. Congrats to Zana, lovely gift. Shame you can't make it back this year, hope your swap will push the blues far away xcx

  9. Shame you can't get back, but having a project should help push the blues away. I loved the basket.

  10. Dear Amanda
    Hello! I am really looking forward to being your swap partner and have sent you an email (rather full of questions, it has to be said!). I hope the email has come through OK.
    I really hope the swap will chase those blues away - I'll do my best to find/make some nice things for you, anyway!
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Ellie

      It has come through and will get back to you very soon :-)

      Amanda x

  11. Hello dear Amanda. I know you are a crafty lady and have many crafty lady links, so I thought you might be interested in this blog post on a blog you may (or maynot) know. It's on the blog 2 Bags Full:

    I have written about it on my other blog, "View from the Teapot" which I can't remember if you know about! You can find it over at this address:

    Maybe you and other crafty people you know would like to help & support this cause...

  12. Dear Amanda,

    I am slowly coming out of the holiday fuzz and I just wanted to pop in and say hello to you! I empathise with how you feel about not visiting the UK. My visits are pretty sparse too and I am more than aware of the passing of time and my parents getting older. Fortunately this year we all got together in Brittany. So, although I didn't get to see England, I did spend precious days with my family.

    Warmest wishes to you,


  13. Congratulations to the winner <3 XOX

  14. Congrats to your lucky winner! And when you win the lottery....come visit me in Florida! We'll walk on the beach and pick up seashells! Sweet hugs, Diane

  15. Congratulations to lucky Zana,!....I love the basket, Amanda ...just perfect for those yarny projects :-)
    (Keeping my fingers crossed here for you for the lottery win...wouldn't that be brilliant!)
    Susan x

  16. Just popping in again to say I'm hosting a Giveaway at if any of your readers would like to join in.


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