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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

News Flash!

Do you think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something???

Perhaps more love and less war!!!

Yes this is a News Flash!!!   I have just seen my last post was two weeks ago!  Horrific I thought!!!
However its the usual back to work...beginning of the school year and totally rushed off my feet. 
I need to tell you about goodies received and goodies that have got to their destination! I also need to tell you about swaps and things being made!!!   I will very soon!!!

Amanda :-)  


  1. Aww, too bad you can't preserve it somehow for a while :)

  2. I hope you have someone to share that with x

  3. Agreed. More love would definitely help this world of ours. Can't wait to get all caught up with you but certainly understand the hecticness of back to work. :-)

  4. Love it Amanda what a lovely spud they do come in some very strange shapes sometimes. Hope you get some time to yourself soon, the Summer break is always too short. :) xx

  5. love the potato! Yes we've all had to get back to 'normal' too, our summer seems to have suddenly come to a stop!

  6. :-)
    You'll have to make a special dish with THAT spud!!!

  7. :) are you going to cook it or keep it just like that ? ;)
    Can't wait to see your goodies.

  8. Things have also been busy crazy around here. Love the potato. How cool! :)

  9. Love the heart shaped potato, a great message to start my day.

  10. Nature is wonderful and full of Love :o) x

  11. Aw, what a lovely happy tattie! Xx

  12. A heart shaped potato! An amazing reminder that Love is the root source of energy for life. Blessings on you and yours as your race through your first weeks of a new school year. It will be fun to see your latest swaps when you have the time to post :) xx

  13. Mother Nature is brilliant, isn't she?
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Amanda!
    Susan x

  14. Amanda - you take part in lots of swaps, but I never seem to stumble across them. If you remember, could you possibly give an alert to swaps you're taking part in before they're closed to participants? I'd love to take part in more...Thank you.
    I love the potato - just made for baking and sharing with your sweetheart!!

  15. Perfect for sharing with someone you love! What a great find - much more interesting than the "perfect" fruit and veg found in our supermarkets. (Though who sets the standard of perfection I have no idea....)


  16. That is one fabulous spud! XOX

  17. A sweetheart of a spud! Enjoy!



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