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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Well travelled!

Well travelled that's me!

not on Ryan Air!!!

I have travelled a bit not as much as I would like to though. I enjoy travelling immensely. I also seem to have this anxiety to get to know other cultures,to see and explore new places.
However the title of my post is a little misleading because it is not my intention to boast about or bore you with an itinerary of countries I have been too but quite the opposite.

I was reading Gracie from One Saylors blog recent post about "Gathering across America" and was greatly admiring her lovely photos of her family and her trip; such a beautiful part of the States. I was indulging in thoughts of that scenic part of the USA that she lives in and travels to when it came to mind just how much I do enjoy the images that bloggy friends post on their blogs, showing where they live or where they go on holiday or even if they have redecorated a part of their house or moved to a new home. It is like a window to another land, indeed  a virtual window of course. I know it is never the same as actually seeing it in real life but nevertheless I count myself lucky that I am in contact with bloggers in many far away places who post some really fascinating and interesting photos.
I have mentioned in the past that I am a very visual person. I am indeed and images for me are really stimulating. They open my mind. They stir my imagination,they make me form an opinion ( not always right may I say.... I am not clairvoyant) and of course produce umpteen questions,which I do not ask so as not to be impolite.  If you don't understand what I am trying to describe can I just give you an example.
Lets see!
We are often shown photos of a new born which we admire because babies are always beautiful and so tiny and adorable. I do that of course but then I look at the rest and masses of thoughts go through my mind and I could be thinking perhaps......(there will be no commas throughout the next paragraph as my thoughts are usually erratic in this situation and during those moments there is no such thing as punctuation)

......looks like it is sunny the light is shining off the handle bars of the pram and it was taken outside in the garden but that looks more like a park than a garden as I can see the sides of a bench and it looks like a public bench and there is a tag sticking up from a bush beside a lovely flower so got to be somewhere public the baby has to be too warm because she/he has too many covers over him/her I like the blanket definitely crochet I wonder if it is cotton or yarn but what is that hanging from the side looks like a good luck charm ....bla bla and bla.

Ok now don't laugh it is really more or less like that!!!
Some would say I am just observant but I'm inclined to think it goes beyond that.
Now I'm sure you didn't really want to know about how I need to see images to understand more so to cut a long story short receiving photos even those of your home are one of the reasons that I enjoy blogging so much because I feel in some small way that I am travelling there to where you live!!!

Now then you all had a bit of a giggle ...didn't you over my last post ? On reading some of the comments I have received I'm pretty sure that is so. I thought I would reply to some of the comments here on this post for a change:

Dear Annie at Annie Cholewa
(Nude snorkelling ... would it be a first I wonder?)
reply: "ummmm ... no idea ....... but I certainly do not plan to be the first one to do it"

Sharon at From My Front Porch
(The bit about going nude made me giggle.)
reply:  "I knew it at least someone admits it."

 Elaine at Bramble Rambles
 (Nude, my wobbly bits are best covered. Besides, I imagine I would be so scared of being seen that I would turn into a salt water prune while waiting for the coast to be clear enough for me to emerge from the sea into the safety of a towel!)
reply: I'm afraid to disappoint you all but I would probably do exactly the same!!!

Meredith at Mereknits
(You are so funny, it would be my luck to to run into someone I know while trying the nudest thing. And let me just say this 50 year old body doesn't need to be seen by anyone tha tis for sure.)

reply:" to be sure Meredith  .... you took the words right out of my mouth"

 Penny at The Hen House
(I love snorkelling but haven't skinny dipped since I was 26 & fairly sure I' not likely to again !)
reply: "yes! I did my stint of skinny dipping during sweltering hot evenings when it was nice and dark and no one could see you ....that is I used to until a twit shone the headlights of his car on the bit of water I was jumping up and down in . That ended it very ungracious of him!!!!

Linda at Linda's Crafty Corner
(I had to have a giggle at the thought of you running into one of your students while you were in the nude doesn't bear thinking about haha xxx)
Reply: "yes ha! ha!....there you are more giggles . I certainly would not be giggling if that ever happened, I  blush just to think about it!"

Sue at Mrs Micawber
(Snorkeling sounds wonderful, and your idea of a sandal business sounds very profitable. :)
 reply " there you are someone one who can see the sensible side of things really could be a good business, trouble is my people skills would severely suffer as I wouldn't be able to look my customers in the eye!  In fact I just wouldn't be able to look at them  full stop! Bad ...very bad for business!!!

 I've left this one for the last
Mum at Mum's Simply living blog
(Eat your heart out Sr P, your wife's heart is well and truly in the right place bringing joy to Blogland with her wonderful tales.
PS I'm sure his heart is also in the right place - just go steady on that nudist beach!
xx )
Reply:  "Lovely compliment Mum which makes me feel so good as I am so glad you enjoyed my last post. If it brought a smile (or giggle) to your face and to my other boggy friends then it was worth writing :-) "

The five hour course I usually give Saturday mornings is starting up later this year so I was for once able to attend the neighbours' end of the summer seafood barbeque. Needless to say it was wonderfully relaxing and I had a great time. We cracked silly jokes,did impersonations,danced ,sang and had a a daft time  which was fantastic it started about 2:00pm (lunchtime here) and it was still going strong when I came away at 7:30 pm. I have been told today they finished about 1:00am in the morning!!!!!

Nothing to show you at present crochet wise except that I'm on my 15th Granny Square and I have to make 62 approx  and Nooooo...  I am not making a blanket!!!

Keep well now!

Amanda :-) 

PS: this was mostly written on Sunday but do you think I could finish it .... impossible not even a breather until now!


  1. I really did smile over the comments of bathing in the nude...the seafood barbeque looks delightful, makes me want to rush over.

  2. All the food looks delicious. How fun! We traveled the world for 23 years while my husband was serving in the military and now we are so glad to just stay put in one place. :) Bur you are right, it is nice to see the pictures that other bloggers share. There is a beautiful world out there.

  3. All that food looks yummy Amanda, it makes my beans on toast look rather sad. I know what you mean about the photo's I love looking at them too and my mind goes crazy with questions, it's interest that's what it is we want to know it all! if we can't actually be there we have a need to milk all we can out of those pictures. :) xx

  4. I understand exactly what you're saying because it's how I feel about blogging too. I have also been very lucky to have traveled the world a bit, but I really enjoy blogs for the reason you so perfectly explain.
    And now, I need to go read your last post which I must have missed somehow in the excitement of having Miss Piper here.

  5. Fun comments about some super neat bloggers. That shrimp on the barbie looks delish!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Very entertaining post lovely Amanda and the seafood barbeque looks wonderful!
    Hope you're having a great week too,
    Susan x

  7. Love the look of all that seafood! X

  8. I am more of a stop at home sort of person but like you I do enjoy seeing other people's photos, possibly how the other half live. I also enjoy the property programmes just to see inside different homes and sometimes to get ideas. The written word is good but images are much better for me too. Looks like a great party, love the seafood. xcx

  9. I am glad your neighbor's decided not to have a nude end the the year seafood festival. that would have been very uncomfortable.

  10. I love looking at other peoples photos too! That food looks so yummy!

  11. Lovely post Amanda, and that seafood barbeque just looks sooo yummy!

  12. Your posts always make me smile Amanda, I like to think I like to travel but the truth is I don't, I like home, and tea and comfort!! Happily sit and read blogs to get my fix of other worlds/lands/lives....I do believe that means I'm a right lazy cow...yeah and I don't care

    1. Hi Emma
      So glad my post made you smile! What you describe here is very similar to Sr P who hates budging from his home comforts. I certainly don't think you are lazy . It is your choice after all....good for you!!!
      keep well

      Amanda :-)

  13. Amanda! Thanks for linking to my blog! You are very kind, and I am glad you enjoy some of my photos of my travels. I am really an armchair traveler and had not flown anywhere in over 30 years, I think. I laughed at the cartoon you posted, and sooo related to it! On this last trip I took a total of six planes to and from my destinations and carry on luggage was an issue :-) I had my computer equipment in a briefcase and my little camera and a dishcloth knitting project in an 8"x8" cloth bag. The few times I had to roll my huge suitcase along with the afore mentioned carryon items and walk with my cane were memorable!

    So glad you were able to enjoy the end of summer seafood feast! :-) xx


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