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Sunday, 1 February 2015

blowin in the wind

“The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind, The answer is blowin' in the wind”
(Bob Dylan ...of course)

and it is all about the weather this weekend because it is blowing a gale out there!!! Practically all of Spain has been hit by Gale winds some areas like Galicia heavy snow. Snow!!! Never here sometimes up on the mountains.   This Alicante....tch!!! It is beautiful outside sunny and blue skies but that wind is sooo cold!!!

Just to give you an idea just how gusty it is out there these snapshots are from the local newspaper.
Two lorries blown over yesterday on the Carresqueta motorway in the mountains near Alcoy,Alicante province.
Along the Carresqueta motorway in the mountains on the way to Alcoy 

 and we won't be going for a walk along the beach today either.

Early this morning. 

The weather is gloomy but lets go on to nicer things. 
My Grand-daughter Cookie has been complaining that her feet get so cold during the hours she has to sit and do her homework!!!   I do tell her that every so often she should get up and move about because I think part of the problem is circulation. I thought that a small hot water bottle under her feet would help. Would you believe it but it is no easy matter buying a hot water bottle here!! There is just no demand for them. Nevertheless her YiYo (that's Grandpa in Spanish) finally found one! A nice small one just right for under or between her feet and which I've already tried out and found it stayed warm for about 2 hours...not bad I thought.  However as I it was a bit dull looking I decided to crochet a bright hottie cover.  

 I think I can say this is my own pattern although I have been inspired by many crocheter's Hottie covers that I saw on Pinterest and Raverly. They gave me some orientation.  The heart pattern is not my own but from Bella_dia  the edging is mine.  The letter R pattern I found on the Moogly blog ; a free download of all the alphabet.The ring idea is mine! :-) 

I used Katia Planet variegated yarn and a 4.00 hook and some leftover pink yarn.

I'm off now to brave the elements and blow the cobwebs away!!

Keep well



  1. Wow hope the weather improves ASAP I am heading for Spain in a couple of weeks time!!

    That hot water bottle and it's cover will be much appreciated I'm sure.


  2. Wild winds indeed, someone reported 134km in your area! we are having terrific gusts, but luckily the only casualty so far has been plant pots, literally lifted and smashed. Not a day for going down the mountain me thinks! Pretty colours for the hottie cover, great idea too, you were lucky to get a hwb, bit like hens teeth here! Probably agree with your reasoning of circulation, probably like us, when you get your head down you just go for it. Enjoy your walk, take care xcx

  3. Oh my! These winds are so terrifying, aren't they? We had a lot of storms here in December and January, as well. I long for a real winter, with cold temperatures, ice and snow. But all we have is storms and rain. Your hootie looks really cute, I love to make them, as well. Have a nice Sunday, VIola

  4. We've just been for a bracing walk along the sea front and it's nippy out there! The sun is shining though and the skies are blue. Perhaps your next hottie should be for you to take out under your coat on cold walks!

  5. Wow your pictures today are so different from the normal sunny photos you usually show us. No wonder you granddaughter is wanting to warm up. The hot water bottle cover is lovely and very girly. I think her friends may be placing orders.
    Ali xx

  6. Wow that is windy! You are so sweet to make that water bottle holder to keep little toes warm.

  7. I know that hot water bottle will be much appreciated. It is the cutest thing too. Goodness it is windy. That looks positively scary. Stay warm and safe.

  8. Beautiful hottie cover! I hope that the wind drops and the weather improves! xx

  9. We live in a very windy place too.. the East Wind makes it sound like a hurricane is blowing over us. I hope you keep safe and warm. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. That wind looks so scary we have had terrible winds here too it's blow my fence down. Love your hot water bottle cover. :) xx

  11. Wow, for some reason I didn't expect wild winds in Spain.

  12. WOW! The weather is sure weird all over. Stay safe!

  13. I'm surprised you don't ALL need hot water bottles after seeing those pictures! I'm sure she'll love it, it looks so cosy!

  14. I hope the weather has improved and you're having a good week! I love seeing the crochet for the hot water cute is that!!! Hugs, Diane

  15. Mercy! I am glad you have not blown away, Amanda! Even though we are having moderate weather I am sitting here with wool socks on my feet and I just tossed a wool afghan over my legs and I am getting warmer, but your hot water bottle seems like a brilliant idea! I imagine Cookie will love what you have made for her, and I especially appreciate the links you posted for the heart and letter patterns. Thanks! It was so good to read your latest comment on my last post, and I continue to enjoy using the wonderful things you sent me, and think of you often with love. xx


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