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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It is invisable me!!!

It's over a month since I posted last ....

I know it is a cliche but the expression time flies obviously comes to mind .....

and this is also going to be a quick post but I really wanted to let you all know that I have not given up blogging nor intend to do so.  

Lots and lots of things have been occupying my time this last month and you already know I'm a busy busy bee with much too much work!!..sigh....

but ...on top of that my daughter has had supreme bad luck with her teaching staff this school year.  I won't go into details really as it is tedious I'll just add she got lumbered with what we call "backpacker teachers". They say they are teachers...their CVs say they are teachers but they don't act like teachers! They are in Spain for a good time,sun,beach and partying and pay me for sitting in class but don't expect too much of me as I was on the booze last night!!!  
She had to fire them of course and I had to step in and cover classes here there and everywhere.
Poor girl she has been working like mad around the clock!!!

This is my daughter's school.


The front door

Horror of horrors I haven't even had time for crochet!!!     Now that does make me annoyed!!!

It looks like things are beginning to calm down at last and soon we will be enjoying the big fiesta week here so I hope I'll be able to get to it and set up my next post which will be to celebrate my 4th blogiversary with a super giveaway!!!

Keep well now!!!

Amanda :-)


  1. HeHe! How are teachers supposed to act....!
    I don't think they've been quite the same since
    they did away with 'corporal punishment'. :).
    No little boys to beat up on...No canning, spanking,
    no chastising of any kind....shame! :). HeHe!
    I was a goody~goody at school...No cane, no slipper,
    nothing...ever..! They knew l was Sicilian..They knew
    better! I just made them an offer.......!!!

    And...Oh! A give~away....The clock up top, looks nice,
    soon paint it pink....! :).
    So...See ya at Christmas time then.....!!! Bless!

  2. Sounds like a busy frustrating month, hope everything picks up and is back to normal for you soon.

  3. Such a shame, and not at all fair to the students who are there to learn. So many people don't think that they should be required to work for their pay these days. I'll look forward to seeing you back here soon Amada

  4. a big big hug to both of you,
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. Nice to hear from you Amanda, I hope things calm down really soon, it sounds as if both you and your poor daughter have had quite a time of it. :) xx

  6. Busy, busy, busy but welcome back and I hope things will calm down a bit so you can find time to pick up the hook. Happy Fiesta time.

  7. That sounds altogether just too busy, and most annoying for your poor daughter too. Hope things right themselves soon and you are able to get hookin' again! Enjoy the fiesta :-)

  8. How horrible, hope things settle down soon.

  9. Hope things settle down soon. Nice to see you after a long time:)

  10. Hope things settle down soon
    Julie xxx

  11. It all sounds very difficult indeed. I hope that all will relax a little over the summer and that you can take some time to breathe. I am sure that your daughter appreciated your help. xx

  12. What a shame! If I lived nearer I could apply to work there! I think itr might be just a tiny bit too far to commute to however!!

  13. Glad to read that you are OK. I hope that your daughter manages to find some more 'settled' staff for next year. Jx

  14. IM happy to see you post again. My son is a teacher, and it is not an easy profession. He has infinite , almost, patience with his Jr. High 11,12,13 years olds. He teaches 300 students Spanish.

  15. Sorry that your daughter has had such a difficult time with her staff. Hope things improve soon and that you get to pick up your crochet hook again. Best wishes, Paula x

  16. You have been so busy, and I am sorry that your daughter has had a hard time with such unreliable staff, how stressful. I hope things settle down for you now, and that you can do some of your beloved crochet again!!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  17. Lovely to see you in blog land! X

  18. Take care of you. I hope you find time for some crochet soon. XOX

  19. So sorry to hear of the difficulties your daughter had at work, but glad you were able to help her! I hope you are able to enjoy some crochet time soon. I have been crocheting headbands for my girls in between trips and errands and normal routine busyness :) xx


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