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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Finding joy in the little things.

The little things in life......

I have often mentioned I have no garden and that I quite envy people who do have one. 
 I am no gardener. I don't have green fingers like my mother and grandmother had. They both had exceptionally beautiful gardens and were fervent gardeners.
A garden is certainly one of the things I still miss from home.
My longing for a bit of green scenery in my home is somewhat appeased by having plants on my small balcony. They do extremely well there actually and I presume it must be due to a greenhouse effect that is produced from the sliding glasses panels we put in some years back which make it into a type of conservatory.  They also seem to thrive on the AC water I water the plants with. We don't do much else except occasionally feed the plants during the summer and give them some new top soil. That doesn't mean they all thrive of course.  A lavender shrub I bought has been struggling and struggling to survive but it has dried up, so that is going in the bin tomorrow.  
I got quite a lift this morning to see this little hanging plant I bought last year has produced a delicate little pink flower. I am being particularly careful to keep it well watered and the sun blind down during the morning as we get the full scorching morning sun on the balcony. I am hoping there will be more flowers.
I have no idea of the name of this plant.   I think it was a plant Sr P bought for me at the street market.

As I am being able to relax a little more during the summer months although I still have some classes throughout July I find I am quite enjoying the little things even the mundane things like having time to do a bit of baking
Cream cheese choc chip cookies ...went down very well with the family.
Choc and Apricot Muffins and Cherry cupcakes.   They disappeared "pronto" !

and Pear cake which I made this morning.      It isn't like that anymore either!

Delight of delights.... I have also been able to get back to my crochet.
I am making this sofa throw for my great niece who is getting married in September. It is nearly finished. I am doing the last row of the edging to night.  

 I will display it better when it is finished and I have blocked it too.

Well that's all for now.

Keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. It's the little things that make life worthwhile Amanda, I remember how much pleasure my verander plants used to give me when I lived in Syria, I had house plants a plenty too in fact they nearly took over. Your baking looks yummy no wonder it soon disappeared. I love the look of your crochet lovely colours. :) xx

  2. Yay! I'm glad your routine is a bit calmer and you are able to cook yummy looking treats, create another pretty crocheted gift and even do a bit of gardening, Amanda. Do fuchsias grow around you? We planted four hanging baskets of them and have them hung so they are mostly protected from the sun, but I think they are not thriving because we have had so many hot days with temps in the 90's. Wishing you happy days :)

  3. Ooh those baked goodies look so good! I don't think I've ever had a pear tart but it sure looks and sounds delicious. Your plant looks as though it is thriving so whatever you're doing must be working. I have a tendency to kill indoor plants so I don't have many of my own. I am, however, plant sitting Mandy's indoor plants until she moves somewhere within driving distance to deliver them. Which will be several years at least so I'm afraid they will be done for before then. Your crocheted blanket is lovely and I'm sure it will be well appreciated.

  4. I am so glad you are having a bit of down time to get those lovely yummy things made up and of course you have time to crochet. Summer is just slightly easier for me as I do not have the school run, I am just working a lot, but that hopefully will not slow down. Can I come over for a cookie?

  5. you cakes look yummy and made me feel hungry even after my lunch! Loving the crochet blanket, I'm full on with making two side by side this month. Can't wait to get them finished so I can start another one. Amanda

  6. Looking at your photos of baked goods reminds me of doing the same tomorrow. It is holiday time now and life is slowing down a lot, I do some crocheting, in the evenings I do jigsaws with the children and we are ouside a lot, of course. I have a garden and sometimes I wish I hadn't because it is so much work. But then again, having a lovely flower that starts blooming is such a nice thing, isn't it? Viola

  7. It sounds as though you are making the most of your summer days! Your baking all looks delicious! It sounds as though you are doing pretty well with your gardening, a lot of it is trial and error for all of us and when you work out what grows well and suits the conditions you have, just keep growing more of it and keep doing what you do! Hope you are having a good week! xx

  8. It looks like you're enjoying the 'mental space' that a holiday can bring. All the best, Jx

  9. hello amanda,
    your baking all looks delicious !!! your blanket looks wonderful,love the colour.
    wish you a beautiful weekend,

  10. It is lovely to have a break isn't it, I am making the most if some time off from my students too!



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