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Friday, 6 November 2015

My Worst enemy is me!

I am my own worst enemy!!!   I really must learn to say NO!

Last Friday I gave my very first Public lecture (quite a learning curve!). It did not go as well as I had hoped! I was quite nervous at the beginning but when I got past the heebies jeebies stage and realised there were people behind the distant faces I was looking at it went better.

I plan to do another in April or May of next year!  I shall do it better next time!!! :-)

I'm preparing Macarrones con tomate (Pasta in tomatoe sauce) for lunch today (My Cookie Baby i.e grandaughter loves them) and ....horror of horrors.......
..oh! ...silly me I have to dash to the shop quick as I have no pasta!!!!  Be back in a tickle!!!

It came out something like this although I like to add mushrooms as well. It was demolished rather quickly and even Sr P who usually says he does not like pasta much said it was good.

Cookie Baby has now gone off to her Zumba class ... Sr P gone for his siesta so I have some quiet moments to correct exam papers. I deserve a nice hot cup of tea I think.

They say it is going to be a lovely weekend...they say it is like spring again...a very false spring but we plan to enjoy it all the same!

Taken from the castle last Sunday morning.

You may have seen similar photos to this that I have posted before. It is my favourite part of the castle!!!

Have a great weekend!

keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. I have similar problems with saying 'no'! Beautiful castle and cannon photos :)

  2. I am quite sure that your class went much better than you imagine that it did and as you do more you will get even better! You are having beautiful weather right now by the looks of your photos. It is very wet here! xx

  3. I've had to do public speaking and I it's scary and makes me so nervous! I love your castle photos.. what a pretty place. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I never speak in front of people, but, I have no problem singing! I have no idea why. I'm sure your class went well and only you realized how nervous you were. The pasta looks yummy. My husband loves pasta of any kind but I'm not overly fond of it. I would love to visit your castle. The pictures are so amazingly beautiful.

  5. I now want pasta for breakfast!! Glorious photos - it's warm here, unseasonably so, I was melting at work yesterday! It's also wet. Persisting it down in fact! A day indoors for me!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    I love your pics of the castle. Where is
    the castle located in the world? It is gorgeous.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Hello Anita. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. The castle (which is really a fort) is situated overlooking Alicante City in Spain. One of my most favourite places!!!

      A :-)

  7. I'm sure it went fine Amanda we are always so critical of ourselves. The last time I had to do some public speaking my knees were knocking together I was pleased I was standing behind a table and they couldn't see. It looks so lovely there we have rain for a change, have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. I am not laughing at you Linda but as I do have a rather vivid imagination ....the thought of your knees knocking behind the table has made me giggle!!!! :-)


  8. Amanda, I am sure it all went much better than you think. Like you, I can NOT speak in public. LOL Beautiful photos of Alicante. Oh, how I miss that beautiful Mediterranean! On the other hand, I will be in Spain next month. Can NOT wait to walk the streets of Madrid! xxx Maria

  9. I'm stopping by to wish you Happy Holidays! I hope you are having a good December and enjoying the beautiful place that you live. Holiday hugs, Diane


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