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Friday, 8 January 2016

It is over!!!

 and yes it is over and I already have post holidays blue!!!!!

I really haven't got the time to post much because I have to go and iron my posh clothes for class tomorrow ...yes I work on Saturdays .....Adult Education at Fundesem Business School  and they have a conservative dress code so I have to look tidy ... you know what I mean!!!

Fundesem Business School

How about that my first embedded video ....hope it works!      This is where I teach :-)

Don't think I have ever mentioned this but.....

I hate ironing!!!!

ok my lovelies (arr..... a bit of the old Somerset ) 

I be away to listen to a bit of music while I iron (Shudder!)

Amanda :-)



  1. I hate ironing too Amanda in fact I hate all housework I can hardly bear to say the word. Isn't it awful when the holidays are over and you have to back to work, the longer you're off the harder it is. You work in a very posh place though I am impressed it's lovely. :) xx

  2. Very nice workplace Amanda. I feel much the same way as you do about ironing. Pretty much the only thing I have to iron anymore is hubby's shirts but that's enough for me. :-)
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. I hate ironing too! Hope that your day at work goes well. xx

  4. WELL....I~Love~Ironing.....So! There! :).
    I raised my daughter on my own since she four
    until she went off to Uni at eighteen!
    I enjoy it...Even when married, l did the ironing,
    why? Because l want it done properly!
    HeHe! Don't know what the matter is with some ladies!
    After all the stresses your 'supposed' to go through....
    It's therapeutic and relaxing.....try it...It's good for
    you...Oh! Don't forget to plug the iron in first....! :)))

    1. Mmmmm I beg to differ Willie.....ironing is a pain!!!!! :-)
      A x

  5. I am not a fan or ironing either, but I love the smell of freshly ironed bedding and getting into a nice clean bed.

    1. Yesss I do agree I love freshly ironed sheets! A x

  6. I usually watch a good film whilst ironing, that takes my mind of off the subject of ironing.
    Here in Somerset, it hasn't stopped raining since before Christmas, my garden is squelchy so cannot get on out there, and we live on top of a hilly road but the water is still laying in the garden!
    Julie xxx

  7. I 'developed' a nasty allergy to ironing - the only cure was to throw the thing away! Yes!! I am now much better thank you :)

  8. I'm not a fan of ironing too, but I don't like creased clothes and bed sheets either so needs must. I either listening to music or watch TV whilst ironing, although I have been know to sit down for a break and forgot to go back to the ironing. Just think how satisfied you will feel when it's all done!!!

  9. Well, I guess I am strange but I love to iron! always have. The look, feel, smell of fresh ironed clothes makes me happy. ( I know...I'm weird)
    Love the video! What a wonderful place to work!!!

  10. Ah back to work is no fun at all. But at least with the Holidays over we don't have to do all of that and work!
    Hugs and happy ironing,

  11. While I still have an iron, the last thing I ironed was leaves between sheets of waxed paper...which was ...interesting! I applaud your more frequent worthy ironing efforts. Thanks for the smiles your cartoons gave me, and I loved seeing the lovely facility where you work...bravo on posting the video :) Wishing you a happy week. xx


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