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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Reluctant model

A very very reluctant model! 

Goodness me what a fuss!! It was only for a minute or two so I could have some pics for my blog!!!
The modelling also came with strict conditions..... no showing model's face. The drape of the shawlette wasn't exactly as I wanted it either but I was under duress as model was getting irritable!!!  Tch!!!

A Perle cotton shawlette for cool summer evenings although the colour is much nicer than in these photos.

 I made this shawlette as a little something for my Cookie's American Grandma who lives in Florida and I know it must be hot there so I thought a light mercerized cotton shawlette would be practical for the occasional cool evening.

I bought this pattern from Etsy. It is called the "Rosa-rosae shawl designed by Angéle Lumière .
Although, to some it may look intricate it isn't you just have to be careful (counting continuously) that the flowers coincide with each other and you don't miss a row.  I used a size 4.00 hook and Katia Brisa Nº 53 Light maroon x 4.

The girls(daughter and grand-daughter ) will be off to visit Cookie's American family on Friday so I have managed to get the shawlette finished just on time. It took me three weeks to complete which I didn't think was too long at all considering I crochet at intervals when work allows.

During blocking.

Happy Easter to you all!!!

Amanda :-)

PS: I'm scrolling down...down my blog roll to catch up ...Easter school holidays gives me that bit of extra time.......:-)   Housework can take a run and jump!!!!


  1. HeHeHe! If yer not having a go at models....
    You having a go at ironing boards...Bless!
    I know the pressures of modelling..I had my
    first assignment aged five (5)..sat on a
    rocking~horse...and playing the accordion..
    prizes where won the photographer..
    AND..Model! :).

    That's a nice shawl to...Pity it's not 'pink'
    HeHe! you'll have to get used to me saying that!
    and...Rosa~Rosae...Il nome di mia Madre...Well..
    Rosa Maria actually..!!

    So..Amanda..Some time over the weekend..pull your
    self together..pretend your a pair of curtains...
    And get on with some housework...! :).
    Oh! AND...A very Happy Easter to one and all...!
    I shall now, just creep back under my stone and hide!

  2. It's absolutely beautiful.
    And blow the housework - do what you want to do this holiday!

  3. It's beautiful Amanda she's going to love it! Have a lovely Easter who cares about housework. :) xx

  4. The shawl is beautiful Amanda! I just know it will be loved and all the work you put into it will be appreciated. Models can be such primadonnas! Ha! I never even have anyone to model, so everything just gets laid on the floor or sofa. Housework? It can wait. My vote is to enjoy yourself during your time off of work.

  5. Beautiful! A lovely colour and just right for when you want a little something over your shoulders. I can appreciate your models reservations, I don't like being photographed either! xx

  6. Hello, I love your crochet, it is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
    Visite meu blog - Tita Carré - Crochet

    1. Thanks you Roberta. I have visited your blog and I am already following :-)


  7. That really is pretty and even a Floridian will enjoy a light cotton shawl. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Stunning, a beautiful pattern and colour. A project to treasure.

  9. The shawl looks very pretty
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. A lovely thoughtful present, only three weeks to complete, that is pretty good going. Happy Easter to you too, I agree with your sentiment on the housework, the sun is out, time to catch up on some rays. xcx

  11. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  12. It is a triumph, Amanda...such a pretty shawl. I hope you have a happy Easter celebration as well xx

  13. Wow, wow and wow! I love it and living in Florida it is hot, but we need things like this to drape on our shoulders in a chilly restaurant. She is going to love it.

    1. Thanks Meredith! I do hope so. It is so difficult to make for someone when you don't know their likes and dislikes.

      Hope you are feeling better now.

      A x

  14. Beautiful shawl - blow the housework - enjoy the holidays!

  15. Amanda, it is beautiful! What a gorgeous gift. I hope you had a great Easter. xxx Maria

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  17. This is just beautiful and I know "Grandma" will love it! XOXO

  18. Wow it is absolutely gorgeous 😊 you did well to do it in 3 weeks! Xx


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