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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Traditions...old...old traditions!

Putting my hometown on the map!
I've heard people say Minehead in West Somerset is in the back of beyond,nothing there,rural,small and it's behind the times ect...ect...    Which I certainly disagree with but ... THEY can say what they like!!!
However there is no getting away from the fact that Minehead is beautiful!

The Gateway to Exmoor park!!




 I'd jump at the chance to buy a little cottage there!

Right so what has bought about these poignant thoughts of home ...there is a reason!

 I shall be giving another Public talk at the Business College at the end of this month and this time I have chosen to  focus on   "Familiarity with English Culture and Traditions is imperative in English Language Learning" as the topic of the talk and being a Somerset gal from Minehead I am going to talk about a very old May tradition which takes place in my hometown.
The Hobby Horse... or as we say in the West Country dialect "obby oss" .


I believe there are just two places left in the British Isles where this tradition still continues, Minehead and Padstow in Cornwall. I have been doing my homework these last few months and the deeper I delved into this tradition the more interesting I found it. 

Do you know Minehead has been welcoming the King of May (The Hobby Horse) since the 9th century! The origin of the Hobby Horse is somewhat blurry but it seems it goes back to some jolly celebrations after a victory,that of scaring away some rather nasty Vikings who had their eyes on plunder! 

There is more of course but I'll leave you this link so you can read all about it

The Hobby Horse

Amanda :-)


  1. Well I just had to read this and comment! We have lived in Minehead for 26 years and hope to live here for another. We love it here! We have a giant train set at the bottom of the road! We have moors to the left, the sea to the right, and is may take a while to get anywhere but we love it here!

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Fascinating to hear about the hobby horse, I actually thought it was a toy. You learn something new everyday...What a great tradition.

  3. That is so interesting...and Minehead looks like an absolutely lovely place to live. Far away from the hustle and bustle is what I like the best! Thank you for shrine.

    1. I am a country girl myself Betsy so like you I don't like hustle and bustle at all :-)


  4. "Sharing" not "shrine". Ha! I need to proofread before I hit publish!

  5. There is good and bad everywhere and it is great that you have shown people that there is a lovely side to Minehead!

  6. It looks like a stunning place to live Amanda it's so beautiful, your talk sounds very interesting it's fascinating to hear about different traditions and cultures I'm sure it will go really well. :) xx

  7. We used to love visiting Exmoor and the surrounding villages as a day out when we lived in Creacombe, near Tiverton north/mid Devon. The villages in this part of the world were always charming. Didn´t know of the tradition but it sounds like party time. We used to go to the carnivals too, again fascinating traditions. Thank you for your research and link xcx

  8. I had not heard of Minehead, but you are right -- it is very lovely.

  9. So great to see the praises of Minehead being sung! I hope that your lecture goes really well and that you and those coming to see and hear you really enjoy it!! xx

  10. Oh how I'd love a thatched roof cottage there! Thanks for sharing those great photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. What a great post, it looks like a beautiful area :)

  12. You picked an interesting topic for your presentation, Amanda! I enjoyed your photos, narrative and link in this post. As you might imagine I found the Sailor Hobby Horse of particular note :) Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and in answer to your question, I was wearing pink clogs in my first picture of my last post. I think pink boots would be fab, too! xx

  13. Good luck on your talk Amanda, I think it would be so interesting to hear your perspective. I am all about slowing down and being behind the times. The current times run way to fast for me.

  14. Hi Minehead look beautiful. .
    Good luck with talk.


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