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Friday, 15 July 2016

In a place called Alicante in the country of Spain....

Yesterday I had made up my mind to find a slot today to sit down and write a post for my blog. I so miss not being able to post frequently,well..... actually reasonably frequent as it has been quite sometime since I have been a fully active blogger as I used to be.

so.... I have my slot to write NOW ...but you know to be quite frank with you all I don't feel like writing much at this moment as I feel sad......very sad! 

I am sad for the little sweethearts who were brutally torn away from their families yesterday, and all those families who have lost dear ones and for the city of NICE and for France.
I am sad for us too that we live in a world where monsters exist!

Writing this doesn't take the sadness away and I'm going to stop now.
 I think perhaps I just want to say that in a place called Alicante in the country of Spain there is someone who cares and feels their pain.

     This should not be!!!!


  1. Amen sweet Friend. I so agree. My heart is heavy for people all over the world who are losing loved ones to this senseless violence that has been unleashed somehow.

  2. While I have marveled and celebrated the wonder and speed with which we can now creatively communicate around the world, there are many sad and horrific events that we now know almost as they are happening. I too grieve with the people of Nice, France, and pray for their comfort and that they will be strengthened to creatively and lovingly live through this tremendous loss. Sending you hugs, Amanda. xxxxxx

  3. I am also very sad. There are way too many of these things happening lately. I wish I knew how to make it stop. I have no idea how that could be done. Thank you for lighting the candles.. there are more people like you and me than the bad ones. Just remember that. ((hugs)), Teresa

  4. I totally agree, I pray that all these brutal senseless killings will end. Take care.

  5. Terrible! Terrible! Thing to happen!
    I should have thought by now, after years
    and years of this, that 'man' would have
    learned to live together, in love and peace
    and harmony..!
    My prayers..and heart goes out to all those
    that have suffered, especially the children,
    It's NEVER right...Never!
    May God Bless Them!x

  6. It's beyond comprehension. I cried at the news too where authorities have failed thus far to find the parents of injured children in hospital. And now Turkey.

  7. Hi Amanda I feel your pain it's so incredibly sad:( xxx

  8. It's shocking, these people are evil, there is no other explanation. I share your pain Amanda :( xxx

  9. I so agree with you and understand your sadness as I think we all feel the same. On such a joyous occasion something so horrific happens.
    So sad,

  10. So many terrible things recently. It is all so very sad isn't it.


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