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Monday, 17 October 2016

Practically Biblical

The countryside around Agost, the pottery village.

I was going through my photo files on my computer this weekend to reduce the size of the main folder as it is pretty large. It is an enjoyable but difficult task as I find I am reluctant to delete photos but some are really just repeat shots at a different angle so they have to go!!!  As I said an enjoyable task as I frequently pause because some photos make me reminisce. In fact I rarely finish the task!

Such was the case here ......hence these photos.
When the beach is out of the question....yes it does get cold in Spain. I say this because people have commented to me before now that they thought Spain was hot all the year round!!
Well it "ain't"!!
It gets cold here!!!

We do have long summers and relatively mild winters; January and February are usually colder. We then transfer our Sunday outings to going up into the mountains for a ramble.

This was one such ramble last winter up to the mountains behind the village of Agost.

olive and almond trees

I always find that this particular part of the Agost countryside reminds me of biblical scenes:

Someone lives here!   There is a Via Pecuaria ( King's Highway) which runs all the way through this person's land which means he/she has to allow access to the public.

Oh! dear Sr P saw something!!!!

Naughty! Naughty!!   pinching a few almonds !!!
and we had a little snack on our way back down to the village! :-)

Agost Pottery Kiln

keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. You could have written and shown photos of
    my home, and the place l was born...Letojanni,
    a small village at the base, more or less, of
    Mt Sicily!
    The landscape is identical..even down to the olives
    and almonds. And, just last Saturday, here in town,
    l bought 6 prickly pears for only one pound...week old,
    but still very edible!

    And biblical...Oh! Yes! Very! You expect Jesus to appear
    from some of the old buildings, after just healing, or
    bringing someone back to life!
    Brilliant! Love it! My kind of landscape...Free and easy! :).

    1. Not just Spanish but Mediterranean! My brother-in-law said it was barren,bare and dry!!! It is dry admittedly it hasn't rained much this year but I don't see it bare and barren. There is plenty of life there too!
      People shouldn't compare as each land has its own particular beauty.

      A xx

  2. It really did look biblical. I would have loved to have tasted those fresh almonds, what a great snack.

  3. I'd love to look inside the old building. The area looks very lush. Wonderful pictures.

  4. Looks beautiful...would love to wander through the olive and almond trees in the peace and quiet...lucky you :) x

  5. Lovely area.. reminds me of Mexico kind of. LOVE the pottery! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Beautiful photos and you're right, it does look like a Biblical scene. I love the old buildings and the pottery. I have the same problem when I go through old photos. I can't seem to delete very many at all.

  7. One of the interesting things about living in Oregon is the variety of mini climates we have within our one state. The high desert country I have seen here is more like what you have shown us in this post...but no almonds or least I have not seen any yet. Although living near an ocean is my preference, I have grown to appreciate the beauty of drier lands also. Thanks for sharing some of what you have enjoyed visiting, Amanda...and I love seeing the pottery, too! Wishing you well!

  8. Hello Gracie
    Like yourself I prefer to live by the sea and my husband has to live by the sea. He has to have it near he is what I call a "water baby" . He needs to see and smell it! :-)
    I would greatly like to visit Oregon. The photos you frequently display on your blog are amazing ...such beautiful landscapes! One day perhaps!!


  9. Lovely to reminisce, looks quiet and peaceful, rather like our Bernia, beautiful xcx

  10. It does look biblical, I can see a film being made right there depicting biblical times. Your walk looked lovely.

    1. Its a great place to blow some cobwebs away at the end of a working week Meredith1

      A x

  11. I need to do that with my photo's but I always get just a little way through before I start reminiscing too and never get very far. Lovely photo's it's nice to see another part of Spain, it reminds me very much of the Syrian landscape, we actually have a plot of land with olive trees but of course we will probably never see it again. Lovely to eat almonds fresh from the trees. :) xx

  12. Lovely photos...what a great place to walk. And I love the idea of picking almonds to snack on while walking back :) Happy weekend!
    Helen xox


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