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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Thrown in a cupboard.

This little shawl has a story......

I finished this shawl using Jaipur Mercerized Cotton at the beginning of the summer.
I wanted a nice light summer shawl.
The pattern was not my own but one I found on the internet however I cannot tell you who wrote it because I have ripped it up.
That's right I tore it up! I was so disappointed with the results!
When I saw how tiny the shawl was I knew I had gone wrong somewhere. I had been so careful counting the stitches in each row. You see it does look a very simple straight forward pattern with no fancy stitches but you do have to keep counting the stitches in every row and carefully!!
I just rolled the shawl into a ball and threw it into a cupboard. 
Well I found that crumpled up ball a couple of weeks ago and as it happened at that time I was in a more resourceful mood  I thought I could do something with it. Perhaps it could be a sort of scarf I thought. I washed it and blocked it;strenuously pulling it here and there to try and make it a bit longer. It worked and this the result. 
I have a new scarf to cover my shoulders a little !

I feel a bit guilty about ripping up the pattern now as it wasn't the pattern that was wrong but me.

Keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. I'm so glad that you retrieved that ball from the cupboard it's a lovely shawlette! very pretty enjoy wearing it. :) xx

    1. Thanks Linda! It is a bit small but at least I can make use of it.

      A x

  2. Love the yarn you used with its subtle changes in colour, a beautiful shawl.

  3. It's beautiful! I've felt that way about some projects too. I'm just happy you didn't rip out the shawl. Now that would have been a sad day. :-)

  4. I use most of my shawls more like a scarf.. I'm glad you resurrected that and find it useful.. I think it's pretty! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. That's very intricate Amanda, you are so talented.

  6. Such soothing colors and I love the pattern!

  7. A very delicate, light covering, so pleased you rescued it from your cupboard, all the hard work you put in should see the light of day. well done xcx

  8. Good for you taking it out of time out and mega blocking it. It think it looks wonderful Amanda, but I know how frustrating it can be when you follow the pattern and it does not turn out right.

  9. My grandmother used to pull things apart and make them again. The colors are very'll find a pattern you like better. Enjoy your day sweet lady! Hugs!

  10. You didn't rip the shawl apart...just the pattern! I went back and read again. It's very pretty my friend! Hugs!

  11. While I understand your first frustration because it matches mine with the last shawl I made, I am glad that we both did not ditch our efforts. Mine is more of a scarf than a shawl although at the moment I have it draped over the back of a chair :) I was shocked when you said you were unhappy with yours because it is so pretty to me...but I truly understand your disappointment now. Wishing you well, Amanda xx

  12. Lucky you, that you found the shawl again, it turned out so beautiful and the colors are so pretty.


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