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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Doors III

 Warning photo heavy!

We went to Elche last Sunday to visit the Sunday market. It is great to finally be able to go back to the outdoor markets. 

This market is very popular so there were loads of people and as both of us are crowd shy we did not hang around for long.This is another mostly fruit, veg and plants market.    I went for the plants of course and was very pleased to finally find a citronella plant which repels mosquitos. I was told by the lady on the stall that they are hardy plants belonging to the geranium family and need to be watered twice a week. It smells lovely and when the leaves are crushed it gives off a tangy smell which repels the mosquitos. I have placed it by the balcony doorway so we brush against it every time we go past. 

I also wanted to go to the city centre of Elche to take some photos of DOORs in the old quarter. For those of you who do not know about my obsession for DOORs please see this post .   By the way Elche, situated inland, is the second biggest city in the province of Alicante and it is about 20 minutes drive away from Alicante City.   

Elche is particularly famous for the "Misteri D'Elx" a medieval two acts mystery drama play representing the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This play has been performed in the St Maria Basilica since the mid-fifteenth century. 

Basilica de Santa Maria Elche -google image

Some other photos I took of the Basilica on Sunday

Unfortunately no blue skies when I took this snapshot

and of course the front entrance and this is where I started my search for other DOORs

I particularly liked the peep holes in this enormous door to the Santa Maria Basilica.

This building right in front of the church is I think the old rectory .

Going around the corner I noticed this building and its fabulous door. I am so glad the electric doorbell is tucked in to one side and practically hidden from view.   

All these photographs are from the same area which is the old quarter, mainly DOORsπŸ˜€

A great deal of restoration has been done in this area but it still brings to mind scenes of 17th century musketeers walking these streets with their huge sombreros, thigh high boots  and swirling black capes.

Altamira Palace

Finally back over the bridge to pick up the car

A very enjoyable morning!

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Cowl ready to send to sister No.4 before the cold sets in.
I used stash oddments of DK yarn and a 4.00 hook.

I posted the details about the pattern previously here

Can you spot the owl?

For want of a model Winnie Pooh bear will have to do although it looks like a jumper on him!

It was a bit finicky to make and took longer than I thought but it has given me ideas for others. 

In reply to a query received in my last post from Kathy at Hummingbird Studio at the Lake 

I had large sliding windows fitted in the balcony Kathy so no worries at all about any part of the bench getting wet. 😊

⭐Replies to comments on previous post completed.⭐

Happy Blogging to all

Amanda :-)


  1. oh that's awesome you now have windows-hugs
    I would love to be able to visit a plant market-that would be fun to walk through.
    I really enjoyed seeing this vintage area and loved all the doors. Happy Mid-Week

    1. Hi Kathy, It is a lovely walk in that area and most particularly with all those old doors . I hope to go back in about a month or so when it gets a bit colder. I want to follow the river path down to the lower part of the city but there are too many mosquitoes at present. A x

  2. Good morning Amanda. I loved seeing the doors as you toured a new to us town. The detail on churches and cathedrals in Europe are beautiful to me. I always love going to them when we visit. The citronella plant is brilliant. We had very, very few mosquitoes in Spokane, many years none at all. That was difficult for me to get used to here as there are a LOT of them.
    I love your sweet cowl and Pooh makes a wonderful model. I'm sitting here in my craft area/family room and enjoying the view of the beautiful mandala that you made me. I'm still amazed that you made something so beautiful just for me.
    Blessings and hugs,

    1. Hello Betsy,Thanks for you kind comments. I have to say I do like to see my crochet makes in other parts of the world 😁 I am making another mandala at present for someone in the family I can’t say who because she reads my blog. Pooh is a bit fed up of being a model so I have to use his stand in Sylvester LOL. A x

  3. What a lovely place, if your obsession is with doors mine is with churches and graveyards, you have some magnificent churches there, their beauty takes my breath away. I love the cowl and I'm sure that your sister will too, yes I can spot the owl he's so cute the perfect finishing touch, have a great week. xx

    1. Agreed Linda! The graveyards in the UK are really worth visiting! When I worked in Paignton Devon during the summer months I used to eat my sandwiches for lunch in the graveyard as it was such a pleasant place and it was so quiet! A x

  4. I love all the doors - what a great setting for a film. Have films been made there? I am sure the cowl will go down well.
    Best wishes

    1. Actually Elche has been used as a setting for several Spanish films. They are in fact filming part of a TV series there too. A documentary was also filmed on the Mystery play there too. A c

  5. Fabulous Amanda I felt like I travelled again πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    Lovely Cowl too

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Wendy. Thank you for your kind comments . I have just started a hat for my nephew who lives in Toowoomba. I promised to make a few for him for the Winter there. Amanda x

  6. Found the owl (cute) and loved the photos. Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. My sister loves owls so when I found that little charm I thought it would be perfect to add to the cowl. I need to go back to Elche to take more photos of the river. They say there is an old bridge further down I would like to see that too. A x

  7. A lovely post that's full of interest Amanda. The architecture in the Old Quarter is wonderful. The carving and the heavy doors must have been done by talented people. You're equally talented in a different way with your crocheting. I would love to go along that patterned walkway under the bridge. It looks like there's a channel of water along it and small decorative ponds. Do you walk there? It would be good to see the area close up.

    1. Hello Linda, many thanks for your kind comments. We haven’t followed the river park since it has reopened but hope to do so when the colder weather arrived. Due to the channels of water there are still a lot of mosquitoes about . I plan to take photos when we return. A x

  8. Lovely photos, amazing doors. Great cowl and love the model xcx

    1. Many thanks Chrissie for your kind comments. A x

  9. Replies
    1. Hello PLS,Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting. I must say I really love old doors :-) A x


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