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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Cheeky...who me?


I admit I have been a teeny weeny bit cheeky as I have copied something I saw on Radka from   "My stitching and other journeys" blog.  Admittedly it hasn't turned out as nice as what I saw on Radka's blog but I think it looks cosy and colourful there out in my balcony garden.

I had this very practical wooden bench in the corridor which leads to the bedrooms and I always use it to store the bed linen in it but never for sitting on. After seeing Radka's post on her blog "My stitching and other journeys" I had a bit of a light bulb moment and thought why not! I measured it to see if it would fit on the balcony ... and it did! Hurrah!                               I took off the old deckchair orange lounger cushion that I had there and spread it across the bench and added a few more cushions.


I can still use the storage space in the bench for my bed linen but we can now actually sit on it too.   It is a bit hard but I think if I buy a new double layer pad and cover it with the orange cover from the old deckchair it will be softer and more comfortable.  I only have to find a side table as well now to go with it 😀

You blog-friends do give me lots of inspiration!    

I have a new friend living in my balcony garden as well,a rather weighty one, my new stone tortoise which I picked up at a pottery shop in Agost the pottery village we went to last Saturday. This reminded me of the tortoises that Linda at "Linda's Crafty Corner"has in her garden so I bought a little one to add character to my balcony garden as well. I chose the smallest one as he is quite heavy.


Although perhaps I shouldn't say so myself but my balcony garden is looking better and better and actually a place I like to sit and contemplate with a nice cuppa tea. I do have to start being careful to not go overboard and make it too fussy looking though!  It seems Sr P has caught on as well and is paying some interest in the new balcony decor as he suggested we change the wall light to something more in keeping with the actual look.  

 We put this one up when we moved into the apartment some 33 years ago. It is fine and easy to clean and does its job but doesn't go at all with the actual decor so we are looking for something else. I am not quite sure what that "something else" will be but we will know when we see it. 


I have only ever made one blanket for myself. I find it really tedious crocheting large makes  my max is a baby blanket. Nevertheless I did manage to get one blanket done for myself or rather for my grand-daughter's bedroom. It usually lies on the bottom of her bed during the winter. It isn't used often and although I do wash some of our woollens in the washing machine I am very reluctant to wash this blanket there in case it goes all floppy and fuzzy so I  just shake it out well and hang it out for a few days on the balcony. However this time when I got it out of the cupboard it had that unpleasant "cupboard stored for a long time" smell even though I had slipped a few bars of smelly soap in-between the folds as I usually do. I therefore thought it needed a good wash but it being so big so I thought I would risk it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.   I was very pleased to see it washed well and needed no blocking at all and it smells nice and just lightly of the little bit of softener I used.


On Sunday after a drive along the coast we visited the coastal town of Santa Pola. It is named after Saint Paul and it is a small fishing town about 20 minutes car drive from Alicante City.   


Google image

It is a popular tourist resort and it seems that the tourist are flooding back to the popular resorts in this area as there were quite a few people about enjoying the sea and sun.  We didn't stay for very long but we did get in a stroll along the sea front



How about that for a rubber tree plant!    No pot required!


Last but not least.


At least someone likes my stew!

I had made a large crock of stew the other day and when we went over to see my daughter we took some over for her. 

My grand-daughter's cat Thomas Ra can be very fussy food wise but my stew seems to have met his approval,gravy and all!

Happy blogging 

Amanda :-)


  1. Such a fun post today Amanda. The oceanfront town is beautiful. How I miss being closer to the sea. I love the redecorating that you're doing. It's perfect and looks so inviting and comfortable. The blanket is beautiful and I'm glad that you now know it can be washed. I wash ours all of the time and have had good luck doing that. Yours is such a happy and joyful blanket that I'm glad it will be seen more.
    Take care and stay safe and well my friend.

    1. Hello Betsy. I have mostly always washed my woollens by hand but the blanket being so big was a bit of a challenge. I won't have to send it to the dry cleaners now either. However those expenisve woollens like cashmere I shall continue to hand wash. A x

  2. Your bench looks lovely Amanda and yes add the extra seat pads to make it comfy. Thank you for the shout out! I love the new member of your family he's so cute I hope he doesn't get too lonely sitting there on his own I wonder if you will resist increasing his family I know I couldn't haha these little garden ornaments add so much character. The blanket looks so bright and vibrant, I was reluctant to wash my huge granny blanket too, I wasn't even sure if it would fit into the washing machine but it did and I've washed it twice now it looks so much better for it. Santa Pola looks like a beautiful place the sea looks so blue nothing like the grey North Sea I have near me, I still love it though. That rubber tree plant looks amazing. xx

  3. Hi Amanda enjoyed all of your "doings" in today's post. Loving your bench-do you have to be concerned with rainy weather or is this closed in. Looking really comfy out there, and with the plants too love your turtle.
    biggest thing with wool is less agitation and same temp water through out the whole process. there are washable wool yarns now too.
    enjoyed viewing the sea photo too Happy mid week Kathy

  4. Love how you have been inspired and then created that new seating area!

  5. A great post, Amanda. Very interesting. Your grand-daughter's cat probably loved any chunks of meat in the stew. They are carnivores, after all!

  6. The new seat looks lovely on the balcony. Wool should be fine to wash as long as it is treated gently and in warm, not hot water, after all, it is on the sheep in all weathers, gets wet and dries again without shrinking! I love that rubber tree.
    Thomas Ra is a cat through and through - contrary creatures at the best of times - but we love them!
    Best wishes

  7. I think your new bench seat looks wonderful Amanda ... all cosy & inviting!

  8. Love the bench.The center pillow is charming. Beautiful crochet blanket. I look forward to seeing the new light y'all select.

  9. The pi11ows are amazing . I too 1ove the 11ama one! I am thri11ed Amanda that I may be ab1e to post right now!!!

    1. Great to see you got through Kathy :-) Hope you have been able to contact with the other bloggers you had problems with. Many thanks for calling in and your comments A x

  10. It worked!!!! Not sure how or why!


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and try to reply to all as well.Please keep them coming. Amanda :-)