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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

The last few days

 I thought I would just blog about things that have been happening over the last few days because it can't always be about excursions, historical buildings and parks as I do mundane ordinary things too, which is all part of my life.

Before I carry on with this post about my exciting everyday doings though I need to mention that I am behind again replying to your blogs and continue to find it difficult to keep up. I just don't know how those bloggers with loads of followers manage! Is there a secret/ a trick that I don't know about which could help me keep up?  If so please tell! 

Some great news for this family my grand-daughter "Cookie"has finally been accepted to do her apprenticeship in a local company. She has been waiting since the beginning of September and the wait was really hard for her as she saw all her peers from college being allocated and she was left on the shelf. We suspect it was because the profession she has chosen is very much male-dominated and she was the only woman here in Alicante to train for it!

Once she has completed her three month apprenticeship she will be a qualified Fitter-Turner Machinist and can then go on to do the Certificate II level. That will take her another two years which she will be able to do while she is in work. 

I am so pleased for her and happy that she is doing something she likes. 

Head up my darling and amaze them with your skills!πŸ’–

Last Friday Cookie (GD) came for lunch and we have been looking at online F/T machinist overalls fashion (of sorts). Will she go for the patched bib look or....

complete coverall

As my GD is very fond of pretty decorative patches the drabbest overall can be brightened up and given a little feminine kick to it! 
That is if there are no objections from the company where she is doing her apprenticeship.  
We will see!
This is the last piece of her gear that she has to get as she already has the boots, the safety googles and some tools 

Breast screening appointment yesterday. 
I caught the bus down as I didn't want to be late for the appointment and also I do have a free bus pass which I never use! I got there early just how I like it, no stress that way. 
I get an appointment sent to me every two years. I was duly impressed as understandably a few things have changed since 2019 when I had my last appointment. That time there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the corridors and you had to find someone to tell you where to go for the BS unit and lots more people in the waiting room. Now you are met by someone at the door who keeps a safe distance and immediately tells you (politely and nicely) to use the hand lotion and that mask wearing is compulsory all the time you are in the building and during the scan. She then checked her list and told me where to go and where I could wait. It was all very well organised I only had to wait 10 minutes this time and all the BS staff were very efficient; all COVID restrictions were respected throughout. 

I got home feeling quite content that the BS was over and done with for another two years and also that I had walked all the way home briskly which took me just over an hour as the BS Unit is situated on the other side of the city right next to the bullring. 

Alicante Bullring.

Alicante Bullring; google image

Which has not been used as a bullring for quite some time (thank goodness)but is sometimes used for sporting events and concerts. 


Latest mini Christmas tree impersonating a Christmas card. Which will be sent off to the UK very soon.

The other evening when the sun was going down Sr P called me over to come and look at the sky! 

I thought it was very unusual and worth showing you. 

Very fiery looking!

Fiery Sky

πŸ–Š Replies to comments on previous post completed 

Happy blogging

Amanda 😊


  1. Congratulations to the Machinist to be! That is wonderful news. I think she chose a good career path.
    Aw, the tree is adorable. That sky is stunning.

    1. Cookie has done her first two days as intern and she says she has learnt a lot already so that is definitely positive. It wasn't what we expected but her choice of career is a good one as specialised fitter/turners are in demand. As long as she is happy with this profession so are we. A x

  2. Hi Amanda, so awesome your granddaughter is following her dreams-and a profession that will provide for her long term.
    Love your crochet and your sky is a amazing. I do the best I can keeping up with blog posts-but there is only so many hours in a day-so don't fret over it-if you get behind-move on hugs

  3. Congratulations to Cookie. I know she will ROCK whatever overalls she goes with. I'm guessing the full coverage since it has no straps to get caught up in the machinery.

  4. Well done Cookie - it is not easy breaking through that barrier!
    As for work wear, I bought several pairs of 'ladies' work trousers and all they were were men's with pink labels stitched on - I kid you not! That is here in the uk πŸ™„ so took tucks in at the waist and removed the pink labels and sent the company a rather terse email - yet to have a reply ......

  5. Congratulations, Cookie, time to show the men how it's done! Love the little Christmas tree. I can visualise a whole forest. xx

  6. A lot accomplished in a few days. Congratulations to Cookie. It is hard for the young folk to determine their career path successfully but she seems tp have done that.

  7. Congratulatons to your granddaughter. It's not easy to get into a field that is male dominated. Good for her that she has pursued her dreams and persevered.
    Love that sweet little Christmas tree. I'm so behind on plans for Christmas. We have so much going on and now a family member that I saw briefly on Sunday, very briefly has tested postive on Tuesday for covid. An even bigger worry is that he hugged Mom the same day. Of course he didn't know. Now we'll be watching her closely.
    I have my mammogram tomorrow morning too. I'll be glad to have it over and done with. They are definitely not fun but they are necessary and I'm grateful for the technology.
    Have a lovely week Amanda.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Congratulations to your granddaughter. She has chosen a career that interests her and that important. I'm sure she's good company and you must be pleased for her. I'm glad to hear the screening appointment went smoothly. Your crocheted Christmas trees will be appreciated as gifts. What amazing skies you are experiencing at the moment! Thank you for sharing your news.

  9. Congrats to your grand daughter- well done to her. Your Christmas tree is really sweet.
    Best wishes

  10. Congratulations to your GD Amanda that's great news onwards and upwards I hope it all goes well for her. I wonder which overalls she will choose, I like the bibbed ones they look quite trendy but the others will do a better job of protecting her clothing mmm decisions decisions. It's a great feeling when your breast screening is done, it's every 3 years here, mine is due next year and will be the last one unless I request one in the future and I will! Its always very efficient here or that has been my experience. Which is more than can be said of yesterday when I went for my booster organised chaos I would say. I love the little Christmas tree it's very cute. I usually check to see who has posted once a day and will leave a comment if I can but I wouldn't worry about it we are all very busy, there's not enough hours! and there you were wondering what you were going to do when you retired it's amazing how much we can cram into a day. Have a great weekend. xx

    1. I am not sure when it will be the last BS here. I think when I am 70 but if it is possible to continue I will do so too. It is really such a minor bother but very important for us ladies. I like the bib overall best too but the others are certainly more practical.Cookie may have to wear a company type overall so she won't be able to choose. A x

  11. Congratulations - she must be so excited about starting and good for her to go for what she really wants to do.

    That crochet tree is fab, I really love it. I must search for a pattern - it will go nicely with my little village scene. xx

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks dear! Glad you could comment xxx 😊🌸😊

  13. !ove the post and adore the 1i1 Christmas Tree

    1. Many thanks Kathy. I thought I would send the Xmas tree instead of a Christmas Card to someone in the family. A x


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