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Sunday 30 September 2012

Finding stuff among stuff!

First of all I'd like to apologize I've been rather lax lately and not welcomed new followers nor have I been commenting on blogs as much as I would like. My excuse is LIFE and the things that pop up unexpectedly and also at present my time is very much not my own....a 15 hour working day is no joke!  I've just started several new courses, one starts at 8am in the morning, a 150 mins slot twice a week for Red Cross social workers and Teleassistance operators. Lovely bunch of people but...... groan....who wants to learn English at 8am in the morning!


WELCOME and hello to my new followers Lynette at Sweet Posy Dreams and Sarajan at Fleachic thanks for visiting my blog and hope you'll visit often.

 Its been a very long time since I last visited the Reto a la Esperanza warehouse probably a couple of years ago now.  I've only occasionally found anything there of interest and the majority of the things they sell are so used that it has all become unusable junk. I don't like to criticize the organisation because they do a very good job rehabilitating drug addicts and depend on donations and what they can earn from selling second hand goods. They get very little government aid. They mainly obtain funds from going around Alicante and the province picking up unwanted furniture and other household goods which they give a face lift to and sell in this warehouse situated on the Madrid road leading out of Alicante.

As I mentioned previously they have a great deal of junk there and you have to rifle through the stuff but occasionally one can be lucky and find something and I found these:

They remind me of wild roses!

There were five but there were two which were supposedly repaired.....that is they were just stuck together with sellotape! I thought just the three could come away with me!   I paid 3.50€ for each plate I thought it was a bit more than what I should have paid but I really felt it would be mean and nasty quibbling over that price considering where the money goes.

I don't recall seeing Royal Kent china before so I don't know much about it....but from the  very little information that I got from Google they are from a set of 12 plates,; a limited edition.

If anyone knows about Royal Kent china I'd love to find out  more. At  least I have an objective now which is to find the other 9 plates to make up the set!   These could be copies though...not sure how to check that out.

Google image

It started with a gentle pitter patter and now its coming down full blast!
Its glorious and the streets are being washed clean at last!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Amanda :-)


  1. Hello Amanda !
    What a gorgeous set of plates you have found!
    I just love those roses! Enjoy !

  2. Hi Amanda! Yes, your plates are really nice and i wish you good luck in the hunting!!! ;oD
    Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

  3. The plates are lovely; hope you are able to find more to make a set

  4. I love them...they are beautiful! I hope you can find the set. I am on a hunt for the remaining pieces to my little sugar bowl set...Hope you have good luck!
    Hugs to you!!!!

  5. Really pretty plates. Glad to see you back. Wow, what a busy schedule you have. I hope you got my email about receiving my swap package from you. I'm trying to get my post finished so I can get it published. Have you gotten my yet?


  6. Hiya, I have been watching the TV about the awful floods in Spain...we have had a deluge in the UK too. I love you pretty you really need 12? Is that for when we all come over for tea and cake? xxx

  7. Lovely plates Amanda. Everything tastes so much nicer off a china plate!! Hope you are keeping safe, I have seen the horrendous flooding in Spain, I dont know if it's near you but it looks terrible.Enjoy your week!

  8. I don't know how you get time to blog at all Amanda with all that you do, it must really tire you out. I like the rose plate's they are very pretty and the stamp on the back looks quite genuine to me but I'm no expert, it would be fun to collect as many as you can a different rose on each plate lovely. Hope the rain doesn't get out of control and you stay safe. :)

  9. The plates are a lovely find. Blogging is fun, but sometimes real life intervenes. It happens to us all, don't worry. Blogland still loves you. PS Stay safe in all that rain.xx

  10. Great plates. I love having a variety of little plates to choose from.


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