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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

and here's another First

My first taste of Owlish crochet........

Would you believe it, all these years of doing crochet and I have never ever made an owl. Well when I saw Mandy's invitation to participate in her Owl CAL on her facebook page here at Mandy's Craft Tales. I thought that's destiny for you and it will make a very nice little distraction as I am getting decidedly FED UP with my latest doorstop which doesn't seem to be turning out just as I had imagined it would or should.
All the participants have had to use  the Small Owl Crochet pattern by Kristi Tullus but we've been allowed to add our own embellishments.

Here you have my entry for Mandy's CAL :

May I introduce you to Owldaf , the Magician's apprentice. he has got to stage 2 in his training so he is allowed to use his own wand and Cristal ball which he carries over his left wing in a little magical net bag . Magical net bags are a very secure means of carrying valuables for magicians as they are sealed with a complex spell so no one can open them except the magician who cast the spell.. Very practical!

He is looking a little bleary eyed because of all the late nights! You see 2nd year training is a good deal harder and more extensive than the first year. Poor lad! He still has six years more of training to do before he will be a fully fledged magician.

Take care now !

Amanda :-)


  1. He's fabulous Amanda! I have never made an owl either, although I would love to I see I'm too late for the cal I had already pinned this pattern,so will give it a try sometime. Your entry is lovely very imaginative :)

  2. I love him and I have to admit that I have never made an owl, either. But now I just might.

  3. Oh he's so cute and I love the little bag! I've been crocheting for 47 years and I've never made an owl either! You're not alone.


  4. Ah, he's fabulous Amanda, and I love his story too :-)

  5. Well, he's cast a spell on me, he's lovely! :) x

  6. Lovely post..... just brilliant!!

  7. Loved Owldaf, really cute, loved his story too, what a 'hoot'!

  8. He looks like he's ready to fly off to Hogwarts with Harry Potter! Is there anything you can't crochet, XOXO

  9. I've seen a lot of crochet owls around Blogland but none so cute as Owldaf :)
    Fun story too.

  10. I love him he is soooo cute....d x

  11. He is so adorable. I don't think I will ever be able to crochet that good! lol But I love crochet dolls and animals!

  12. He's absolutely gorgeous and has obviously wound a spell around you! Do you think he needs a mate so that he can unwind at day ( owls go out & work at night) and perhaps even use her as his assistant?!...just a thought! Joan

  13. Owldaf is so cute Amanda...(he does look extremely wise too!)
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  14. Cute, cute, cute! I love your little Owl. Crocheting for me is at a standstill right now. I've been having a lot of trouble with my right hand. It doesn't have much flex in it due to damage in my wrist and the side so cross stitching is my forte now. When I see things like this I think maybe........ but I know better. He's adorable. AND I love your header photo. Whales are so wonderful!


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