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Saturday, 6 July 2013

The very first!

MY very first Tutorial
google image
I am holding my breath somewhat on this one and hoping I haven't forgotten anything.
I don't write patterns. I usually make up a sample of my work for myself and I get my pattern from there if I ever want to use the same stitch or shape again.
This is harder than what I thought and now realize what all those pattern writers have to do and I've nothing but admiration for their patience and tenacity.
I'm also going to say something now which just may horrify some crochet pattern writers out there......writing out patterns is BORING!!!

Anyhow...I'm averting the task at here we go:
I've called this pattern  JIGSAW PUFF COVER as it is a bit of a jigsaw putting together the hexagons for the top of the cover. It does depend on the type of puff you wish to cover,of course.


For a Puff sized:
Top: 36 cm diameter
Sides 103cm circumference
Height: 32 cm

Materials: You can use any yarn at all however I used cotton.
It's too hot here to sit on wool with shorts on!

Coats SMC Catania RED x 3
Coats SMC Catania Brown x 2
Coats SMC Catania Orange x 2(looks yellow in the photo)
Coats SMC Catania Green x 2

Hook: depending on the yarn you use. I used a 2,50 hook.


I used UK abbreviations throughout.

Canada/USA                              UK/Australia/Europe
sl st - slip stitch                                  sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet                        dc - double crochet
hdc - half double crochet              htr - half treble crochet
dc- double crochet                             tr - treble crochet
tr - triple crochet                          dtr or dbl tr - double treble
                                                     ch - chain
                                                     st = stitch
                                                     RS= right side
How-to :
Magic ring:
Invisible decrease:
Basic crochet stitches:


Spikey Centre Hexagon

Row 1.  6 ch ring joining to first ch with a sl st
Row 2.  3 ch and 11 tr into ring sl st into top of 3 ch
Row 3. 2 chain into top of 3 chain, *2 ch, htr into next st,2 ch * repeat from * to * to end sl st into top of 2ch.
Row 4. 3 ch * 1 tr,2 ch,1 tr into 2 ch space,2 tr into next ch space x 2,1 tr, 2ch,1 tr into next 2 ch space * repeat * to * to end. Sl st into top of 3ch.
Row 5. 3 ch,*1 tr 2ch,1 tr into 2 ch space,1 tr into next 5 trs,1 tr,2ch,1 tr into next 2ch space * repeat from * to ^to end,sl st into top of 3ch .
Row 6. 3ch * 1 tr,2ch,1tr in next 2ch space,1 tr in next 7 trs,1 tr,2ch,1tr in next 2 ch space * repeat from * to *  sl st in top of 3 ch

Crinkle Centre Hexagon

Row 1. Magic ring. 6 dc into ring.
Row 2. 2 ch, 1 dtr ,1 ch , 1 dtr in each dc to end,sl st in top of 2 ch chain. (12)
Row 3. 2 ch,*1 htr in 1 ch space,2ch,1 htr in next 1 ch space* repeat from * to * to end. Sl st in 3 ch
Row 4. 3ch,1 tr,2ch 1 tr in 2 ch space,1 tr in next htr,1 tr in 2ch space,1 tr in next htr,1 tr,2ch.1 tr in next 2ch space * repeat from * to * to end. Sl st in 3 ch.
Row 5. 3ch in 2 ch space,2ch,1 tr,*1 tr in next 5 tr,1 tr,2ch,1 tr in next 2ch space* repeat from * to * until end. Sl st in 3ch. Fasten Off
RS facing return to Row 2,join yarn with ch in 1 ch space,dc ,ch 5,1 tr all in same space,*1 dc in next 1 ch space,ch 5,1 tr in same space * repeat from * to * until end  sl st in first dc.

sorry bit blurred

Row 1.  magic ring   3 tr,6ch into magic ring, sl st into first stitch
Row 2.  3ch in first tr, 2 tr in next two stitches,*3 tr,6ch ,3 tr in 6ch space,1 tr in each of next 3 tr* repeat from * to * to end. Sl st in 3ch.

Makeup as many Spikey Centre and Crinkle Centre Hexagons as you need to cover your puff top. Make up as many triangles as you need for spaces which are too small for a hexagon. 
This is the jigsaw part.
Once you have completed the jigsaw join together RS facing. You can do so by crocheting the hexagons together using dc stitches which will give it a ribbed effect or by sewing them together. 

RIM: this very much depends on the shape of your puff. I did  3 rows of dc around the completed Hexagon top . I didn't want the hexagons completely on the rim as they would get worn with use. I thought closed rows of dc would make it firmer. You may have to increase if its too tight or decrease if too loose. You may have to do a few more rows of dc but you are aiming at just going over the rim.I just started to overlap the rim by the 2nd dc row.

SIDES:If the top of your puff is winder than the sides then you will have to invisible descrease as you do the following:

Row 1. dc all around. Invisible decreasing after each 10 stitches for 2 rows. Invisible deceasing after each 8 stitches for 2 rows from Row 6 to Row 8.
Row 2. htr all around
of each colour
until 2 rows away from the bottom of the puff.

Last 2 rows 
1. dc all around
2. sl stitch all around 
The sides must be snug! Your aim is a tight fit otherwise it will go slack and baggy with use. I struggled to slip my cover over the puff but I'm glad I kept it pretty tight because I can see there is slack already.

I hope I haven't missed anything out but you know where I am if you have queries

Enjoy your weekend

Amanda :-)


  1. For a first time...this is wonderful and so ingenious and practical at the same time. Great way to use of yarn; now if I only had a puff to cover, XOXO

  2. Thanks Susan....ha! ha! you never know :-)

    A xx

  3. Thank you Amanda, so good of you to share your pattern/tutorial, yes I agree it is tedious and very boring so why do we do it haha, I don't mind if I know it is appreciated and people will make use of it then it makes it worthwhile. I am pinning this I'm sure I will use it in the future. Have a great weekend :)

  4. Congratulations on a great first tutorial. Clever girl.
    Love from Mum

  5. Amazing Amanda , you first and your tutorial, too!
    Thank you for your first tutorial and congratulations for this first attempt!
    Xxxxxx Ale

  6. Amanda, I just caught up on your posts since June 20th and am amazed by all you have accomplished [that you shared] especially knowing that just the routine tasks of everyday add even more to your productivity! Thanks for taking the time to share your first tutorial...soooo clever! [will I ever be so creative?] I hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration! And I loved seeing some of the sights around you. When my sister and I drove into the driveway of my house Monday night the odometer for the trip registered 3054 miles...driven over the last is so good to be home :-)

  7. What a great project, and well done on your first tute.....I'm awful for making things and then not remembering how I did it, or following a pattern, modifying it a bit and forgetting what it was wheni do it the second time (I've done this with socks!)

  8. I'm bowing in awe of your cleverness! Hats off to you for not only making this lovely cover, but for your first tutorial too - well done you!
    Happy Sunday,

  9. Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern, it would look good as a stool cover too. Easy and clear to follow :) xx

    1. Hello Cheryl
      Totally agree with you. I am sure its possible to uses those hexagons for a stool cover in the colours of your choice.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      A xx

  10. Oh my, I love it! I'm bookmarking this, in case I ever find a round ottoman. Yours is a work of art, and thank you very much for sharing your pattern. Great job! :)

  11. Nice job, Amanda!! And on a tutorial too :)

  12. Beautiful design and beautiful crochet, and a very clear tutorial! Well done Amanda! I hope to have a try at this one day soon :)
    Helen x

  13. how lovely - such a colourful design!

  14. Hello Amanda, popping in finally, time is not on my side much these days, I just seem to be busy all the time! Happy 41 years together, I think that is so lovely, not many can say that these days xx I love your pattern and good on you for writing it all down, don't think it would be my fav thing to do, rather be making it, which I am not doing much of day my life will slow down a little.
    xoxo Sandi

  15. that looks pretty neat-a good way to use up odd yarns too you did good with your tutorial!

  16. Brilliant! You must be really pleased?!? You definitely should be!

  17. Hi Amanda,
    I don't know much about pattern writing but I know it's laborious hard work and like you say, pretty boring if we are honest. Hey you've done a great job, I might try one of the triangles as I'm not too good with triangles. its a lovely puff though.
    Sally x


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