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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Joining in

You are sure to know about Attic24: Granny Bunting for Yarndale and Lucy's invitation to the craft blog world to participate in the next Yarndale festival in Yorkshire in England in September. Lucy has posted for us a granny square pattern tutorial on her blog but we can also add the embelishments that we like to the basic pattern.
It seemed to me that due to where I live and that my blog name coincides with that, the most logical theme I should concentrate on for my bunting was the sea and to be more precise the Mediterranean.
Therefore I have concentrated on four different aspects of the Med and have tried to capture that in my four bunting triangles:
1. The deep deep dark blue sea where the whales bask and other larger sea creatures can be found.

2. The crystal clear tempting sapphire blue allows you to see multiple shoals of fish swimming by.

3.The hot Mediterranen sun above turns the reflection of the waters to many shades of blue.

4.The shallows turning the waters to a lighter misty blue and then greyish to white as the waves are formed to finally lap gently on the sand pushing up pebbles and shells on to dry land.

Now then should you find this post a little disjointed and full of punctuation errors it is because I am using a new blogging app called blogsy on my ipad and its my very first post from it. I really dont know how to use this app as yet. I hope I am going to be able to blog en route when I am out and about :-)
Amanda :-)

PS: I get an odd delight in thinking my bunting will be fluttering in the breeze over there in YORKSHIRE!


  1. They are lovely Amanada! I will be going to Yarndale so I will look out for them, if I see them I will take a photo for you! :)

  2. Lovely bunting you have certainly captured the colours of your home - beautiful - Yarndale will be held in our neighbouring town, a couple of my friends have bunting too and I gather she has received parcels and parcels of them!

  3. Love your bunting from the Med. Amanda :)
    The one with the big yellow sun is my favourite although they are all very clever.

  4. Magical and beautiful Med bunting! Love the sun in the sky and on the water!


  5. Amanda your bunting is fabulous and is so reflective of you and where you live xx

  6. So imaginative and perfect to represent your home. They are just beautiful and will add greatly to the atmosphere of yarn dale.

  7. Thanks for sharing your clever contribution to Yarndale, Amanda! I enjoyed knowing what inspired your designs as well as your execution of your ideas!
    Gracie xx

  8. I love it, sums up where you live beautifully! :) x

  9. Fantastic designs! Hope you're going to make yourself some too!


  10. What a great theme!!!! I love the first 3 ones a lot!!!!
    I would love to go to Yarndale to see all our triangles .....!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  11. They're all lovely but I especially like the little fish xx

  12. Great bunting Amanda.

  13. I love your interpretation of the Med in your bunting Amanda! The whale is my favorite : )

  14. Lovely bunting!! The one with sun is my favourite!!:)
    I too want to try blogsy. I generally post from my laptop or PC. Never tried from my iPad. Let me know once you get used to this app. I will buy too.

  15. Great bunting, love the themes, like the whale the best

  16. Love your bunting and the clever!


  17. Hi Amanda, I catch up with Lucy's blog too, but I'm a bit pants at crochet so I didn't attempt to make the bunting!! Love to admire everyone else's though and yours is really lovely, especially the whale and the sun! :)

  18. Perfect! I love the bunting and your story behind each one!

  19. If I make it to Yarndale I shall be sure to look out for your lovely Mediterranean themed triangles ... they're far too striking to miss!

  20. They look fabulous, Amanda.
    Love from Mum

  21. I did this too :)
    although yours is a lot better than mine xxx


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