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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Now or Never

Getting this post out Now or never!!!

You may remember I posted a few months back about my first multi-craft (crochet,sewing & embroidery) doorstop here  called the TOWER and that my daughter took a liking to it ,which left me with no doorstop for our bedroom.
Understandably that meant I had to make another one!

I made up a shape ( I go by the first shape to determine what it is going to be) and I thought it could be a fat cat and so I made a fat head...Cheshire cat style...thinking I'd give it a large grin of course too.   However I got half way with it and I realized  I totally hated it and therefore rejected it  .... I was so annoyed after all the hours cutting it out and sewing it up and even stuffing the thing ... I literally kicked it away from me......sort of real artist frenzy like. Even Sr P said to me "what's the matter with you?"   I couldn't tell him it was so idiotic!      Then my imagination started its merry go round and there I was imagining and thinking what if it gets to talking to the other toys and gadgets in the house at night know like in Toy Story. "She's a real bitch...she kicked me"  grumble! grumble!. I would be the cruelest human in the world in their books. I mean I could be had up by the WSPT (World Society for Protection of Toys) . Could it be settled with a public apology!!! reflection in my microwave door brought me back down to earth.  I think my next utterance was more or less twit...woman...wakey...wakey!

Who for goodness sake leaves the door open to those dimensions?

Right well...back to a normal me I decided to use the scraps from said fiasco and made up another doorstop which met with Sr P's approval and more or less with mine.

Meet RIGBY :


Funnily enough we had a bit of hesitance and " who the hell are you" stare from His gloriousness Willie Shakespeare, our cat . He sat in front of Rigby for awhile and pondered and then just sauntered by into the bedroom, brushing himself generously up against him. 
If Willie could talk human I believe he would have said "passing through bro!". He totally ignores him now.

Many thanks to you all for your generous comments on my last post. I was feeling quite overwhelmed yesterday and could see another busy busy weekend ahead of me and not being able to blog once again. A dip in the cool water of the pool has certainly helped and I realize I've got to get myself in focus where my blogging is concerned and not worry so much about keeping up, as in fact it is not a race.

Amanda :-)


  1. You made me laugh Amanda, I have felt doing just that too with some of the things I have made and disliked usually mine get flung across the room haha. Now you can't dislike Rigby he is such a cheerful chappy you can't help but love him. Hope you have a good week! :)

  2. Hello Amanda.
    Really love Rigby he's so cute.

  3. NO my friend it is not a race, it is something you do when you have time, not something to stress about. Amanda your post made me laugh today. Most of the things I have made and dislike are in sweater form so they get tossed into the back of my closet for a while. Glad there is no society of abused sweaters.

  4. Such a cute kitty! I love the button eyes and the cute nose and whiskers!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  5. Rugby is quite a dapper little guy. I need to make a doorstop and it needs to be small. I'm watching for ideas to come smack me in the noggin!
    Glad your feeling more yourself. That pool dip sounds lovely and just the thing that was needed.

  6. Hi Amanda. I loved this post. It's good when blogging friends show that they are real people not just these wonderful ones who churn out beautiful garments & craft things or present endless absolutely beautiful, mouthwatering tablescapes and homes....the sort I'd love to have but never will!! So I read your last post as well. Oh, my dear, you are not alone in thinking this. I wrote something similar last year after someone complained I hadn't visited them and that friendship is a two way thing.....boy did I feel guilty! When I posted about it so many wrote and said they had the same problem! These last few months I have not posted as often or visited...I even thought of stopping but realised how much blogging has done for me and the good, supportive friends that I've made. As I was told over and over....just do what you feel you can and don't feel pressured. It's a balance. We would hate to lose you but you need to find what works for you! Now, I've gone on far too long, but ....about this post. I too imagine what toys etc might say. My daughter said she even overheard me talking to the vacuum cleaner that was been too heavy to handle from the wheelchair ( a few years ago) " well if you want to go left...that's the way we'll go"! I think your final cat looks rather high class and smug. He's probably thinking " I'm so much better than the see...class always wins through"! I'd better stop! Joan

  7. Hello June
    Many thanks for visiting and your comments here which I indeed can relate to.
    You are not alone I speak to my fridge and its called Lorenzo. Unfortunately it does get a lot of verbal abuse from me especially when we have a power cut!
    At the very beginning of blogging when I was feeling my way I posted about not receiving replies to my comments ( I think I had about 30 followers then) and I was looking for a reason why and if there was a bloggers etiquette in existence. More than anything I wanted to do the right thing. At that time I believe I stated I reply to every comment bla! bla! bla! and that if you can't reply then you should indicate it on your blog etc... I realise now as I am two years into blogging that it just can't work like that ...therefore I need to retract. If we begin to find blogging an obligation sooner or later we'll find it annoying, a chore and therefore it will become monotonous. What happens to things that become monotonous we want to get rid of that chore and hence we would stop blogging. I don't want to feel like that I enjoy it too much.
    Who says an old dog cannot learn new tricks....what utter rubbish!!! I've learnt so very much over these last two years blogging and I have adapted where I think it is necessary and this is one of those times.

    I think Rigby the cat is a is in his smile.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  8. Hilarious! I love the bit about your cat giving Rigby the evil eye :)
    I think Rigby is very cute. Just to look at him makes me smile.

  9. Oh that is one fantastic kitty!!! i adore him. Wish I could sew...

  10. LOL Amanda, we all have our moments don't we? But you made something wonderful after all! What a clever little cat he is with his bowtie and crocheted tail and ears. You are so creative!
    Have a great week!

  11. Well I think he's a lovely looking cat!

  12. What a beautiful multi-craft doorstop!!!! Rigby is so cute!!!! Well done, Amanda!!!
    As for the blogging 'etiquette', I have also been thinking about it for a long time and in my previous post I was also showing some concern about blogfriends who stopped visiting me because I did not always reply to their comments or because I do not have the time to visit them very often. I agree with you that we should not consider blogging an obligation, otherwise it would not be fun and relaxing any more.

  13. Oh my, I LOVE Rigby!!! What a handsome little thing he is :) A photo of Willie and Rigby would be great!

  14. I think Mr Rigby looks very distinguished. I am glad you persevered. I can just imagine your cat weighting him up. I wonder if he's envious of Mr Rigby's bow tie.
    Ali x

  15. You did make me laugh! I know exactly what you mean though when you've spent ages creating and it doesn't turn out how you want. All's well that ends well though and your doorstop is very cute. xx

  16. I LOVE Rigby ^_^

  17. Hi Amanda,

    Rigby...a real cool cat. I'm allergic to the little lovelies, but I'll make an exception here: bow tied and button eyed, this feline friend is TOO cute to snub!

    Happy weekend, my fellow Med!


  18. Rigby is wonderful Amanda...I love this post! (and he's clearly well worth the frustration that came along the way...we all have those moments I'm sure!) He looks like a very pleasant young man indeed...a perfect gentleman to keep the door open for you!
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x
    P.S Thank you for adding the link! ♥


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