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Sunday, 11 August 2013

summer menu ... keeping it light!

There are times and most particularly during the summer months when I just do not know what to make for lunch. I try and offer a variety but it gets to the point on the real hot days that its difficult to know what to have because we just haven't much of an appetitie.
We practically live on salads and fruit or at least I do!
Therefore this weekend I thought I'd do something a little different which I haven't done for awhile .

Roast Vegetables.

There are several ways to do roast vegetables but I like to keep it nice and simple.....

so very very easy

Green peppers,
Button mushrooms
Potatoes (microwaved for 4 mins beforehand)
Olive oil
a little water

Cut up all veg,pour a little water in the bottom of the dish ( not much a couple of tablespoons) drizzle with olive oil,sprinkle on salt and pepper and parsley. Place in a preheated oven at 200 C for about 20 to 30 mins. Delicious!
You can have boiled rice or couscous to go with this and a little mayonnaise.

I also made up a very summery salad which my husband loves. It has to be served very very cold so I make it up about two or three hours before the meal.

Tin of chopped plum tomatoes
2 tins of tuna fish in olive oil ( I drain off the olive oil before adding to the salad. I don't like the olive oil they use for tinned fish but even drained of the oil it is better tasting than the tuna fish in brine) 
chopped onion ( half max)
olive oil
3 boiled eggs    chopped
olives (green or black)
Several large French loaves (You'll need these! It is so nice that you have to mop up every last bit)

Mix all the ingredients together add a little water but be careful it has to have a light pure consistency no more. Add olive oil, vinagre and salt to taste . Serve very cold. I even pop a few ice cubes in if its not cold enough.

There is none left so the change was well appreciated.

Amanda :-)


  1. We love roasted veggies! So sweet and good. I copied your tuna salad recipe. We're gonna give it a try. It's SO HOT here in Texas! Triple digits for the last couple of weeks. Yikes! Will let you know how we like it. Stay cool.

  2. Yum! Can I come for dinner? :) We love to roast or grill our veggies too, especially the ones from our own garden.

  3. Roasted is definitely the way to go with veggies! Your plateful looks yummy :-)
    Wishing you a happy week ahead,

  4. It looks like a yummy dinner. I agree with you a weekend do over would be wonderful :)

  5. I love roast veggies and that is what we had last night (mostly home grown!! not that we had many but what we did have was sooo tasty!) along with some roast chicken.

  6. I love roasted veg, I pop a little balsamic vinegar in too! :) x

  7. They look and sound delicious Amanda, I love roast veggies :)

  8. Mmmmmm! I'm going to blog another recipe tomorrow in my 'Manky Veg' series, but now I will roast my veg before I make it into a chilli!

  9. Sounds lovely, just right for lunches on these hot days, I love roasted veggies. Hubby has been experimenting at making gazpacho, lovely, cold and refreshing

  10. I love roasted veggies ... you've given me an idea ... guess what we'll be having for supper soon!

  11. Delicious!..I do love roasted vegetables...(and this all looks and sounds extremely healthy too Amanda!)
    Happy Thursday,
    Susan x

  12. Now that looks very nice! ^_^

  13. Looks yummy!! :) xxx

  14. Now that we're in humid weather, I will appreciate all the "light" menus I can get. This veggies look wonderful and I can't wait to make Gazpacho with the beautiful tomatoes we have here, XOXO

  15. Both recipes look and sound yummy, and not too much trouble when the weathers hot - thanks for sharing Amanda!

    Gill xx


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