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I'm here to enjoy meeting other crafters and to share my ideas and projects. I love to crochet,cross stitch and embroidery but I'm keen to try new crafts too. I love music and I love to sing! Singing makes me happy. I collect jugs....its their shape I think! I am addicted to yarn and buttons. I get lost in book shops and can spend all morning there and I absolutely adore rummaging in flea markets. I love to read sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I would be the first passenger on the first time machine ! I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

Monday, 30 September 2013

I found them!!!

A post in haste!!! 

 I really should not be doing this because I have a class to prepare for this afternoon and must rush, rush, rush!!!  
However I'm so happy to have found my bunting that I want to share it with you! It is all thanks to Linda at Linda'scraftycorner  who uploaded multiple photos of Yarndale to her latest post and lo and behold there they triangles laid out on the table next to Lucy from Attic 24,"The Queen of Colour".

Photo courtesy of Lindacraftycorner Sept 2013

 They are the three on the other side of the table and I can just see the corner of the fourth one in dark blue!!!!    I can just make out the one with the sun applique by the corner of the dark blue triangle ........Whoopee!!!!
Photo courtesy of Lindacraftycorner Sept 2013
 I found them!!!

Photo courtesy of Lindacraftycorner Sept 2013

My ...but there was a lot of crochet wonderfulness at Yarndale!!!

Photo courtesy of Lindacraftycorner Sept 2013

Thanks Linda for indicating to me this other photo on your post and you're right I can see all 4 of my bits of bunting there at the back now. :-)

Thank you so much Linda for the Yarndale virtual tour!!!

If you haven't seen your bunting pop into Linda's blog here or into Jacquie's blog Bunny Mummy , she also has a very interesting post about Yarndale with photos too and it's only part one, Jacquie says she still has to post more photos!!!

sigh!!!..........It makes me feel so good!!! :-)

Have a great week!!!

Amanda :-)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Following Yarndale and OUR bunting!


This is to congratulate and thank Lucy the Queen of Colour at Attic24 for her initiative,her marvellous idea and the arduous undertaking of setting up a handmade yarn bunting to be displayed at Yarndale being held TODAY in Yorkshire in England.
A bunting made and sent in from crafters from all over the WORLD.

sharing from the Yarndale facebook page 28th Sept 2013

What a tremendous success!  What a great way to bring people together.

sharing from the Yarndale facebook page 28th Sept 2013
There we are peeps representing and participating in colour our unity for yarn,crafts and the handmade. We herald our love for yarn,our love for colour, our love for beauty and demonstrating that craft breaks the language barrier because that bunting is a message that can be understood by all.

What does it say to you?

I feel so good inside to see it,I feel just a little bit of me is there, I feel I belong,I feel the admiration of thousands of yarn lovers admiring OUR bunting!!!!   I feel it is a tremendous achievement to have brought together so many many people through the creation of this bunting.

I am also going to commiserate with those peeps ,like my self, who cannot visit Yarndale today 
We who have to view and glean what is happening in Yarndale from afar can do so hoping that a photo or two may appear on the following blogs or facebook pages:

 If I find any other appropriate links I'll post more throughout the day.

Being very selfish can I just remind you this is my participation,my set of bunting triangles and I really don't know if it arrived safely and if it is being displayed with the rest...I can just imagine and hope it is.

Should you be at Yarndale today and see the fishes,whale,sun and beach on blue bunting please send or post a photo.    I shall love you forever :-)

I wonder if this will be the longest Yarn bunting in the world????    If it is it should be registered in the Guinness Book of records!

Wishing all you Yarndalers a great time!

Amanda :-)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

diverted to the rubbish!!!!


 I receive some of your mail in my spam folder too. 

IT is a P.I the B!!!

Amanda )-:

You know when the summer fun is coming to an end ......
 and that is when the Residents association where I live organize a giant paella or rather this year two biggish paellas!!!
It's the closure event of all the summer activities that have been organized throughout the summer months just after the Residents Association's party which is always held the last four days of August.

No it isn't Sr P but a neighbour's husband who has been in charge of cooking one of the paellas and does it extremely well .
 I never tire of eating paella it is a delicious, very traditional meal frequently eaten here. In this part of the Valencian region the paella is usually made with shellfish or fish but when you have to feed so many its best to make a chicken paella.

 This was paella Nº 2 and it was wonderful washed down with a glass of chilled white wine....mmmm! 
I won't bother showing you more photos of this event as all we did afterwards was loll around with full tummies and finish off the wine and then creep up to our apartment for a siesta. It was much too hot to do anything else. :-)


Five W.I.P is a bit much,don't you think?   I am really having to control myself with the distractions. I am pretty sure you know what I mean when I say distractions!   Pinterest is great but its got a lot to blame for my distractions and so does Raverly and bloggy friends who flash (in the very nicest sense of the word) their makes on their blogs for all to drool over being a Nº 1 fan of course!!!
I have finally completed my Autumn Glory swap bits which I feel rather pleased with and now I just have to send  them to Helen from Moonstruckcreations  my swap partner. I cannot tell you what the swap bits are of course or show them to you that must wait until Helen receives her parcel :-)

I thought though I'd show you these two makes that I sent to Lucy at  Lucy in the sky 
as part of the Tea swap.  I haven't heard from Lucy for a couple of months but her blog is still on line so I think she must have had to go away from blogland for a bit. I just hope all is well and she'll be back with us again when she can.

So here's to showing off.....


Heart Keyring

Actually I can't remember which is front or back!!!

A real fun make!!!   Crochet Yumptious!!!

Finally hello to my new follower....thank you for visiting and do feel you can leave a comment here at anytime :-)

Amanda :-)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

I nearly didn't!!!

First of all I would like to tell you it is raining..... a gentle rain....a soothing rain not the angry stormy rain that sweeps away everything in its path. It is raining and the streets are being washed clean,the palm trees gently shiver laden with silvery drops of freshness.
What I see from my kitchen window!

I may not finish this post just now depending how long I can withstand the call .....the call that beckons me to go out...out in this blessed rain to breath,to sigh and enjoy what I call the good rain or as I always say to Sr P "La lluvia buena".

Later ... a bit later after my walk in the rain :-)

I am so excited!!! No, I am not going on holiday to Venice,Florence or Myanmar , as much as I would like to but I am waiting for a parcel to arrive very soon. Sr P has been looking at me rather strangely.....I actually suspect he thinks I am losing it !
I'm waiting for an order of yarn. Lovely home dyed yarn named Autumn and Lichen and all the way from Yorkshire. I nearly didn't order it you know when I saw the cost of postage to Spain which of course pushed up the cost of the yarn. However I just couldn't resist it and I have been really envious lately hearing about all the lovely yarns that other bloggers use, so I took the plunge. I also have this feeling in my bones that it is going to be utterly gorgeous.

My very first trial order is made up of :
DK Bowland Autumn
DK Bowland Lichen

DK Bowland Natural

 All 100% Blue Leicester and hand dyed by Victoria at Eden Cottage Yarns.

 It was really difficult to choose which yarn to order and it took me a long time to decide.
If you pop over to Annie's blog at Knitsofacto ,that is where I heard about Victoria and Eden Cottage Yarns. Annie interviewed Victoria,which you can read about here, and from that moment for me is when the temptation took over.

Many thanks for all your comments and for popping in to read my chatter. I read everyones' comments and reply to all of them....... in my dreams....sorry for being cheeky.....I really wish I could reply to them all.
However I heard in your last comments that some bloggers have a season for knitting and crochet,that some bloggers increase working on their craft in the Autumn,that I'm not the only one who sometimes gets a headache when drinking wine,that Autumn is creeping in fast over there in the Uk and Germany and that the leaves are beginning to change colour and its getting darker but its still hot and horrible in Florida and also still hot in Greece. That quite a few blogmates are taking part in the Autumn Glow swap and thank you to one blogger congratulating me on 200 followers. I know I'm at 200 followers but I think I'll wait to 250 to do my next giveaway. That way it is nearer to Christmas. I am also glad that my compliments to a follower has made her feel a great crocheter even though she says it was for just little while.
Finally I'll echo and totally agree with another blogger's comment that handmade is special!!!

Now then do I give in to crochet temptation again or do you think I should get on with some lesson planning???  :-)

Enjoy your weekend

Amanda :-)
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