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Sunday, 10 November 2013

He cannot march........

    The Forgotten Army     
The Retreat from Rangoon
The Last to Leave

Dad in tropical gear circa 1940

Don't worry Dad!  I'm not a child anymore.
I understand....and I feel your pride.

You cannot march to the military beat with these medals heavy against your chest. 
You cannot pay your respect to your comrades, the fallen or offer that silent homage.

Don't worry Dad! I'm not a child anymore 
I understand .... and I feel your pride

I will shout out and say...
this is what my Dad did, he and the brave gave us our today and our tomorrows.

Don't worry Dad! 

I shall not forget!

Warrant Officer  Sydney Ernest Smith served!

1st Battalion Royal Horse Artillery  1929 to 1949



  1. A beautiful & heartfelt post, thank you. Xx

  2. Beautiful post, you must be very proud of your Dad.
    Ali x

  3. I am in tears reading these wonderful remembrance day tributes.

  4. Well said Amanda, my Dad served too, and you are right we should never forget.

    1. Hi Mere,
      I remember you mentioned to me your father was in Burma is a time to be proud of and to remember our brave family members who risked their lives for us all and in some cases theirs was the ultimate sacrifice.

      Lest we forget

      A x

  5. A great tribute..... and a beautifully constructed post. Jx

  6. Amanda, this moved me to tears. I'm a Navy brat and know exactly what our service men give up today, so we can have tomorrow. Lovely post, my friend, XOXO

  7. What a beautiful tribute, Amanda!

  8. Lovely way to remind and recall the meaning of today


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