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I'm here to enjoy meeting other crafters and to share my ideas and projects. I love to crochet,cross stitch and embroidery but I'm keen to try new crafts too. I love music and I love to sing! Singing makes me happy. I collect jugs....its their shape I think! I am addicted to yarn and buttons. I get lost in book shops and can spend all morning there and I absolutely adore rummaging in flea markets. I love to read sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I would be the first passenger on the first time machine ! I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Giveaway Winner

The Golden Autumn Swap

I am participating in Blueberry Heart's Golden Autumn Swap once again this year and my swap partner is Ellie from Feltabulous.   This has come just at the right time because I was feeling a bit down about not being able to visit home (UK) once again this year! However I can feel the stirrings and excitement of meeting someone new from blogland,finding out what Ellie likes,thinking about what I am going to make and buying for the swap!
Blues you can just go away as I have a swap to participate in!

Now then lets get down to who the winner is for my Mediterranean giveaway !

There were 39 participants so I did it the old way and wrote out all the numbers on bits of paper and put them in the hat  ; a woolie crochet basket I made for the occasion and that I shall be adding to the goodies.

and there you have it number 28 which corresponds to Zana from Zana's Homemade entry who lives over there in Middle Earth , New Zealand. Congratulations Zana!!!
Could you please send me your address. 
Many thanks to all of you who have participated and I hate that only one of you can win but you know what if I win the big big win from the lottery I'll pop round to visit all my bloggy friends whereever you are and bring with me a little something from the Mediterranean for you!!!   
You never know ..... it just might happen!!!

"What's that Sr P.....what are you mumbling about under your breath....what .......yes I heard you .....and pigs might fly..........
Watch it mate! I just might leave you behind!!!! "

Amanda :-)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Finishing this and that!

I have NOT been distracted you know ......even with all the excitement of hunky firefighters at my door (ok I'm exaggerating a teeny weeny bit...they were under my window) as related in my last post and what with the irritation of a second fire in our apartment block.
Actually could I just comment on this for a moment .Many of you remarked ,in your always welcome comments ,and rightly so .... how was it possible that the grandparents did not supervise the child adequately.  I have since then gathered a little more information about the situation from those here who know!   It seems the little angel,the grandson, (and he is ...a little fair blue eyed angel; pretty as a picture) loves to touch everything and particularly the hob & oven knobs and dials. The grandfather is in charge of the child while Mum and Grandma are out to work. Now it seems Grandad ( a young Grandad by the way) doesn't check what little angel face has been up to before they leave the flat for their morning stroll. Hence this is the second time he has come back to find his kitchen on fire. Incredible really, you would think he would have learnt the first time!
If it was me once I had that babe strapped in his pushchair I'd be checking every switch and plug in the house before I left.

as I was saying  I haven't been too distracted and have managed to finish the following makes :

This poncho is for my little six month old great niece who lives in Devon. I hope it will be too big for her as it is for autumn.

 The basic pattern isn't mine ...I know it isn't .....I think it was given to me by someone but I have no written pattern anymore. I did it from memory.
 I did design the extras though the neck,the soft trim around the neck and the bow .

It is a stash buster too. I used up some SMC Coats Bravo yarn and added Katia Bombon in white and mauve for the trim and bow. As SMC Coats Bravo yarn is a little harsh for babies´ skin I decided that the super soft Katia Bombon yarn would be ideal for the bits that would be in contact with little E´s skin. Incidentally can I just add Katia Bombon is useless for crochet! It is a total nightmare to use but it is my own fault because it does indicate on the label it is only for knitting.
 I had plans to add a third row to the edging but got so exasperated with it I gave up! I've sent all what I bought to my sister who is a knitter. It is a shame because it is really lovely and soft.

I was asked by a neighbour if I could make her a pincushion jar cover like the one I mentioned in this post here. Now as I tell everyone I do not normally make the same thing twice. Actually I don't think I could do another one anyhow as that first pincushion jar cover was total freeform. I have no pattern and I designed it as I went along. I told her I would do the same for her that is whatever came to mind ..that is freeform.....I don't think she really understood what freeform is though.
Anyhow I made this:

 I call it the Agra pincushion jar cover.    She said she liked it but I got the impression she thinks I'm a bit weird!  It may be weird but that is what came out of me or rather what was transmitted from my thoughts to my crochet hook!

Welcome to my new followers. I would really love to visit your blogs too could you send me the link please because I cannot see it on your profile on the Google friend Connect widget. I have tried to connect to some of you by email but I'm afraid  I can't because it indicates a no-reply email address

Amanda :-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A bit of excitement

A bit of excitement I could do without!!!

Fire Brigade called in this morning to put out a fire in our apartment block. Once again in the 2nd floor flat!!! I live on the 1st floor!

It seems the culprit of the last fire and now this one is the 18 month year old grandchild who turns on the cooker without the grand parents knowing and the oven caught fire this time.
 I just don't understand this !!! This is the second time now don't they check everything before they leave the house!!   It all sounds really weird to me!

A firelady too.....oops! sorry a female firefighter!!!

Coming out of the smoke.

Typical!!!    How many firefighters do you need to discuss what is wrong or what to do?????  There must have been about 20 firefighters there but only  3 of them went up the central stairs!

No one hurt thank goodness!!!! get all my windows open now and spray everywhere something nice to get rid of the bitter smell of smoke!!

Amanda :-)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Mediterranean Giveaway ....updating!!

 It is about time that is what I'm thinking!!!

I've been meaning to do my giveaway since the beginning of July because it was three years ago in July when I hesitatingly started my blog.... but work did not slack off as I had expected so I just couldn't get down to it.
That is good by the way ...having more work that is....being self-employed I do not turn my nose up at extras when they are offered to me.

Three years of blogging!!!   Amazing!!! I have to say it is very true what I have expressed in the title of this post. I continue to have fun and I continue to enjoy blogging tremedously.

I am not sure if the following that I am going to comment is the norm where 2-3 year or well seasoned bloggers are concerned but I find that this last year of blogging I have changed my outlook and attitude to how I blog.
I seemed to have settled down to a certain way of blogging which makes it feel much more manageable and less stressful for me. As stated in previous posts there was really no way I could keep up with frequent posting and constant commenting on fellow bloggers posts. I now comment and respond when I can. I also try and comment with something to say and not just an empty nonsensical remark if not I just do not comment because I've nothing to say! 

This had to be!

I think blogging should never be stressful and I could envisage in my case I would have had to give it up eventually if this had continued.  Perhaps it was because I came to an agreement with myself that if I wanted to continue blogging and enjoy it I had to push to one side thoughts such as having to reply to every comment,gaining more followers or wondering why some blogs I follow from the very start have not even recognized my presence on theirs. I've turned to a much more relaxed view and am happy for people to follow me if they want to or not . As for non contact from a blog I follow that's fine too because I will continue to read and comment on it because I enjoy that blog.
 I have also to add a big thank you to the niche of fellow bloggers who continue to keep in contact although I can't always reply ......believe me I follow your blogs and I read your posts and all your comments on mine and I thoroughly enjoy hearing from you. 

I consider I receive much more than what I give back .......this giveaway is of course in no way in lieu of payment for all the delight I have received since becoming a craft blogger three years ago but it is in gratitude!

 Now then lets get down to the nitty gritty!!!

 My giveaway consists initially of 7 x 50gram balls of Coats SMC Bravo yarn in sea colours  and some sea treasure.
 I am sorry but neither the basket nor the sea shell is included!
Please focus on the underlined initially at the start of this paragraph. There is more to come! The yarn is the main part of my giveaway but there will be a few more Mediterranean surprises included which I'll add to my next posts.

What do you have to do to win the giveaway???
Not much isn't at all painful!!!

It is open to craft bloggers world wide and beyond (Klingons,Silvan and Middle Earth Elves are welcome to participate) although unfortunately I cannot accept anyone signing anonymously.

You do not have to be a follower if you do not want to be although I would be delighted if you do become one. :-)
  • Leave your comment here on this post indicating you wish to participate 
  • Please upload the GIVEAWAY image at the top of this page to your blog roll and link it to here
  • OR  mention my giveaway in one of your next posts.

and that is all


Have I forgotten anything????
Yes I have.....

The giveaway will end on 24th August at midnight Spanish time!

Sigh!!!     Now I feel much better I have finally got my Giveaway out into blogland

Enjoy your weekend

Amanda :-)

PS: Keep a look out for the extra bits that I'll be adding to that basket!

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