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Sunday 11 October 2015

Plans never go as planned!

I am back to my frenetic lifestyle again and as you can see it has been over a month since I posted last.  The last hastily written post does not count!
I have to be thankful that offers of work have come in earlier than usual and I have been out giving classes since the beginning of September.
Plans never go as planned and that is a fact!!!   I am sure you will agree!
My holiday in August came to an abrupt end at the end of the first week in August.  I won't go into the reason why.... all to do with family and having to lend a hand which stretched into the first few days of September.  I had also planned to pop down to Benidorm for a day to meet Linda from Linda's Craft Corner  and have a natter over a coffee that was disrupted too thanks to my car breaking down again. That was a big disappointment for me! I was finally going to be able to meet one of my blogfriends here in Spain!!!   Soo annoying!!!
It is hell when I don't have the car as I have in-company courses situated on industrial estates out of the way, in the back of beyond which are not on regular bus routes. Well it was mended and now it has broken down again and mended again but I feel it is time to consider buying a new car . I don't want to but I just can't put up with this stress of trying to get to work.

Enough grousing!!!!

First of all let me tell you I won a giveaway at the beginning of September from Leah on Faith's Craftsbox blog .
Very sorry Leah I didn't post about this lovely giveaway until now!!!  Time is my enemy!!
 Lots of wonderful goodies!!  I am dying to get hold of that book!  A little bit of everything love these craft giveaways!!!   Thanks Leah!!!

At least I have still been able to crochet and I have finally finished the stool cover I have been making since August. I was so fed up of the drab colours in my hallway that I dived into my cotton stash and got cracking.  A pure stash buster!!!
 The grotty stool!!   Before!!


Can you see the dangly bit is a crystal angel and I have four . I would really like to put some more dangly bits on each side but I can't find anything similar to these angels. If anyone sells these type of dangly bits please contact me so I can place an order.

Just to finish up I'd like to send you these two photos I have been holding on to to show you . They were taken by Mary Bradley at the beach here in Alicante. This is during the first week in September when there were some pretty horrendous storms.

Impressive right????

 I'll vouch for this .......the sky was this dark!!!!

Welcome to a new follower!!!   Debbie at  Fairy Bluebell's craft adventure blog

Keep well now!!!

Amanda xxx


  1. The rejuvenated stool looks amazing, a wonderful transformation.

  2. Stool is a definite improvement! Well done :) That sky is very black - not seen anything that dark since I left Africa x

  3. Great improvement on the stool and I love your choice of colours. The sky pics are truly amazing - ain't nature wonderful.

  4. I totally love the stool cover you made.. what a grand idea! Bravo! Those are some black skies in those photos.. scary! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I can so relate to things not going to plan!!! But finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you'll see the light soon. Love your stool cover....I need to make a few of those!

  6. I was there I saw that sky too haha who would have thought it, all the way to Spain for a bit of Sun and I got lots of rain typical, but never mind Amanda I will be back because I loved it even with the rain so we will have that coffee one day. I say change your car I had lots of problems with my old fiesta but I loved that car and didn't want to part with it, I'm so pleased I did, it makes all the difference having a reliable car thats not going to break down in the middle of the road or even start in the morning. I LOVE your stool wow what a transformation it's so pretty and do love the dangly bit I hope that you can find more I will keep an eye out for you. Don't work too hard. xxx

  7. The stool cover is really lovely, Amanda! I'm so sorry about your car troubles and too, busy schedule. I'm glad you made time to create something beautiful during your troubles, and I am glad you are still around to show us those menacing clouds that look as though they were aimed to destroy! We had a bit of windy rain last night and our power was off for about 12 hours! I hope you have a happy week :) xx

  8. Your stool cover is lovely! I hope that you can get all sorted with your car and that all will be well again on that front soon, it is horrible to be without transport when you have commitments to get to places isn't it. That sky is amazing isn't it! xx

  9. Lovely stool cover. The edging is a nice touch. And beautiful colour combination. Maybe I should try this for my cushions.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Awww Amanda, I've missed seeing you on my list. I hate stuff has stopped you from 'doing' ! The stool is gorgeous and the little gorgeous gangly bit!

  11. Wow... those stormy skies were impressive (and scary). I hope that you manage to find a good car at the right price. Jx

  12. You have had a busy time. I hope your car situation is fixed soon. Love the groovy stool...what a looks beautiful. X

  13. Good Morning Amanda, I'm so sorry to hear about your car problems and that you could not meet up with Linda. It would have been fabulous to have met... you never know, maybe one day, when the stars are aligned you will meet each other and enjoy a coffee or two.
    The transformation of your stool is fabulous.... and I love your dangly angels.... they are lovely.
    Take care and best wishes to you.

  14. Hello Amanda - just popping by to visit your blog. Oh My ... that stool cover you have made is just stunning ... be still my beating heart. Fabulous photos of the beach too. Julie :-)

    1. Thanks for visiting Julie. I am envious of the beautiful place where you live! :-)

      Amanda :-)


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