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Sunday 24 July 2016


Do you know Babbacombe in Devon?

Well I have family there. Although I am a Somerset girl mother came from Devon so I spent a lot of time in Devon during the school holidays. My Gran lived in Brixham so there were times I visited Brixham with my Mother.Later on my mother returned to live in Brixham and Paignton. At one time I even worked in Paignton.
It is a beautiful part of the English countryside. The national park of Dartmoor is wonderful the times I've been there and the cream teas......unbelievably marvellous!
Badger's Holt is the place to go to on Dartmoor for cream tea(clotted cream and scones)....scones made the old way!!!

As I said I still have family there, my niece to be exact and now she is expecting her second child;a little boy!  An Autumn baby!
When she was expecting her first child I made and sent her this. 
I have made the following for her second baby and I must say I enjoyed making it much more than the first baby blanket I made for her.

I used Katia Planet Aran

and a size 5.00 hook.

I think I should mention that it was mostly my own creation except for the edging. I used a V stitch throughout except for that edging.

That edging caught my eye straight away!  I was determined to use it as soon as I saw it on b.hookedcrochet's blog. It is called a wave edging and there is a free pattern for the whole afghan (not like mine I just used the edging stitch);  a written pattern and an easy video clip tutorial on that page.

As there was yarn left over I made these dinky shoes for baby too. I loved making these shoes and I think I shall make up another pair in blue. I got the pattern from WoolyWonders. She gives you an extremely easy and clear video tutorial to watch.
The pom poms were my idea !   :-)

Hope you are having a great weekend

keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. That edging is wonderful and I shall follow your link to the pattern. We will see our first grandchild on Tuesday when DS and DDIL arrive for a visit. She is 5 months old and we've not seen her in person yet as they live in a different country. There's a blanket awaiting her here.

  2. Gorgeous blanket and booties! That wave edging is so clever.. I'd love to try it sometime. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That blanket and the booties are gorgeous! I love the colors you chose and that beautiful edging is wonderful. I just know it will be much loved.

  4. ooooO! ooooO! The little 'pink' slip on's..!
    Love'em! Do they come in a larger size! :).
    Though my daughter is just learning to do
    embroidery, and has made me a pair of pink
    mittens...! Not! To keep warm...just a fashion
    statement..! :). Has to be 'pink'.

    And, yes, l know Devon and Cornwall very well...
    used to be on my work area, many years back now,
    along with Dorset, Hampshire and Wilts! Lovely
    area to work and live, and l certainly won't leave
    Dorset, not even to go to my home in Sicily!

    And...guess what l've just had for elevenses.....
    Espresso and a fruit scone...with butter and my
    daughters home made strawberry jam..! mmmmmM!

    1. Sorry! Mean't to daughter is
      learning croquet..not, embroidery...!
      Think l've caught the sun....well, at 6ft 3,
      l'm closer to it than most! :0).

  5. What a beautiful gift, made with love. Loved the bootees, the pom poms just finished them off beautifully.

  6. Having lived near Tiverton Devon for 13 years, I think I can say yes I do know your area, beautiful, stunning, wet and green lol. Beautiful gifts which I´m sure will be treasured, love the edging, really gives it a supurb lift. We have just welcomed our 2nd granddaughter into the world and I too made her a blanket, mainly for the car seat but big enough to accommodate most occasions. xcx

  7. It looks like a beautiful place and yes I would certainly enjoy one of those cream teas. I love the blanket what a beautiful gift the edging makes it special and the little booties are so cute. :) xx

  8. I love your baby blanket and slippers! The scones and clotted cream make me long for England; good think I'm off to there in September for work:-D

  9. All the places I know, we used to live there, talk about a blast from the past, beautiful crochet, it will be loved!


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