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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Doodling in crochet.

My first handbag fob!

It has been awhile and I should be correcting homework but .....

I have been doodling in crochet. 


I have another make on the hook,a shawl, but I am finding it difficult to concentrate on something big!
 I turned to a bit of doodling...a small make so I could pop it into my bag and do a little bit to it during the breaks between classes.  
Usually the summer isn't very busy for me but as explained in my last post I could not have holidays this year. Even so, I thought I wouldn't have a lot of work but I was wrong. I have three contracts this summer.  

Getting back to my handbag fob. 

I have a bag I like very much but it has become quite tatty. I washed it and repaired the tears and cut up an iron on trouser patch to iron on over the holes in the corners of my bag . It looks much better but it still had a bit of a faded look to it so I made up this fob to give it a little bit of colour and sparkle!    
No pattern! A bit of spare wool,a round or two of popcorn stitches  and a few beads here and there.   

I feel much better now I have finally finished one of my makes.

keep well 
Amanda :-)


  1. I love your fob! It's so pretty and elegant.

  2. ooooO! How clever...and of course they would
    look nice as earrings, necklaces, bracelets...
    Goodness! The worlds your oyster....Lovely! :).
    Look nice in pink to...HeHe! :).
    Happy Christmas...!!! :0).

  3. It's so pretty Amanda so much beaded detail you should make those to sell! small things are the way to go for me too this Summer because then I still get that feeling of achieving something even if it is small. Take care xxx

  4. A great make, the beads were a beautiful addition. Looks really elegant.

  5. Bravo on creating such a pretty addition to your handbag!! Love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Love your doodling! You are so crafty!!

  7. I must be a total dork because I have never heard of a hand bag fob. But now that I have seen yours I am insanely jealous and want one exactly like the one you made. Well done.

  8. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !



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Amanda :-)

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