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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Absence does not mean a lack of interest

It just means other happenings in our life have taken first place. Overwhelmed with work I was finally forced to prioritize and many personal activities had to be put on hold. Work is the most important thing at present but we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully there will be some changes from September/October.  

At present 2018 has been rather nasty to us... Sr P's eldest brother passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of January. Such a shock and it hit us hard! 
Then just four months later our brother-in-law had a heart attack and left us too!  We are devastated!!  He was a very close and well-loved member of our family. We are still trying to get back into a routine but it is difficult. In a way I am fortunate that I have so much work it helps me not to think but Sr P is retired and he has too much time on his hands. 
Time is the a point!   At present we just feel there are very few pleasures in our lives!  In all truth I have to say I am finding it hard to write this post. I must have lost the knack!

I haven't stopped crocheting of course ...there have been moments where I have sat with my hook in hand looking at it with no inspiration and pushing it to one side. However,it was worst still doing nothing and just thinking.


 Mermaid Tail for Lottie my great niece.   My sister sent me the pattern. I used Katia Alaska and Hook Nº 8.  A stash buster I am pleased to say.

Mermaid tails for my great nieces  "The Pinks"   My sister knitted the one on the right. These were Christmas presents. 

 I had to make initials for each tail because they would squabble otherwise :-)

Then on seeing these pics on facebook my other niece contacted me and asked if I could do one for her little girl.


The second one.   I like these combination of colours more so than the first tail.

I was doodling and for nobody in particular. I was still into mermaids I think. I found the pattern online.

More pattern.

 A virus & granny stitch shawl . I always wanted to do this pattern.  

My sister has moved into a new house in Torquay, Devon and she is redecorating it all. I thought these would look good hanging from the bathroom door or cupboard.

A Danish pattern that had no translation but I more or less sorted it out !  I tweaked it a bit!

and.....thats it for now....sorry about the photo overload :-)

Keep well

Amanda :-)


  1. Oh! Amanda..Sorry to hear of the family upsets...
    Close family deaths are, to say the least heart
    breaking..l've been through a few my self, though
    mine were elderly, all 90+ one 106..!

    Still you've managed to get on with a few things,
    love the little fella with the dicky~bow, and the
    fishes...Oh! And a pink 'E' just right that..! :).

    Anyway! Try and keep busy, one way or another, keep
    yer chin up...And..'Onwards and Upwards'...or should
    l say...'Adelante y Hacia Arriba'..!

  2. I keep telling myself that.....mañana hay otro dia!

    keep well


  3. Great to see you call in again. I, too, have put other priorities first in preference to blogging. I'll probably be back in the autumn, we'll see. Your crocheting is epic. Keep your chin up and don't work too hard.

    1. Many thanks Mum! I fought hard not to give up on my blogging but it just got too much! :-)

  4. SO sorry to hear about the losses in your life Amanda. Stay well.

    1. Many thanks Mere! I feel so sad all the time....grin and bear meanwhile ... sigh!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your family losses. Sometimes, other things just have to be priorities.
    It is good that you have been crocheting when you have felt up to it.
    Best wishes

  6. Sincere condolences on your family losses and the problems that seem to be revolving around work. Love all of your crochet projects but the shawl is a stunner, beautiful work. Sending you a hug...

  7. So sorry to hear of your awful year so far, lovely projects though and its nice to hear from you again, take care xcx

  8. I'm sad for you for your losses this year. I just love all your finished crochet items.. the mermaid's tails look like they brought great joy to those little girls. And I adore the little fish you made! Very cute. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. An awful year, to be sure. It's so good to see a post from you again. I've missed you. I've not been posting much myself but that's just due to laziness. Take care and please know I'm thinking of you and Sr. P.

  10. Amanda, I too care about your losses and your heavy work load. Thanks for letting us know. In the midst of the stress and sadness I am so glad you made some really lovely projects...from delightful fishy things to the fabulous shawl! I am going back to admire them again :-) Comfort and blessings to you and yours. xx

    1. Many thanks for your kind wishes :-)
      Crochet is such a comfort when I have to divert my thoughts from sad things.

      keep well

      Amanda xx

  11. How terrible that you have lost two family members, wish you a lot of strenght.
    The mermaid tails are wonderful.
    Many hugs, Amanda.♥

    1. Many thanks for your good wishes :-) I enjoyed making those tails with thick yarn its a breeze to make!
      keep well
      Amanda x


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