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Sunday, 20 January 2013

When cleaning is a pleasure!

 Hello and welcome to my new followers Shirley at Colours of a Butterfly and Tracy at Mad about Bags  
 Shirley is a newbie to blogging with only nine followers at present. She says herself she is happiest when creating something and also her really friendly approach is so inviting......well worth a visit.   Tracy is well known in blogland and has quite a following. She was also the hostess of the super Christmas cracker swap which was really a delight to participate in.
  Thank you both for visiting and for following my blog.

                                                      ok so its a spoon but a Lladro spoon!

Dear Blogger friends
Big sigh!..... I have so little to show you craft-wise as I am trying to finish the zillion thread ends wip that I must complete by the end of the month and get it off to my sister.  Another big sigh too because I've been itching to get on here all week and post, although I haven't got much to say except perhaps the following which I saved for a time like this.

I collect china and porcelain as I know many of you do ( I have seen some really beautiful pieces displayed on some of your blogs),a couple of months ago I thought  I'd enjoy getting out my bits of china and washing them. Its the only sort of cleaning I really like doing the other sort are cleaning obligations which are a dead bore but a necessity. Washing my china is a pleasure! Well I thought to take a photo or two to display on my blog and show off my collection but up to now I had other things to say and display and didn't get around to posting them. This post seems right for these photos now. All the same I'm not going to bore you too much with this so I've only added one of my china bits ....another piece at another time....on another I don't know what to say post.
 This is the smallest piece in my  Lladro collection. It is part of a collection of four spoons ...I'm still waiting for the other three spoons!
I'm lucky in that Manises the town where Lladro is made is in Valencia which isn't too far from us so occasionally I get to visit the factory shop.
Lladro Museum and Shop, Manises Valencia

Now then how about this for a horror story every time I tell people I cringe to think of it and yes I have to admit I also get a little angry.

About two years ago we had all the apartment painted and there was quite a bit of cleaning to do afterwards ... you know as there usually is after these sort of things. As we both worked I enlisted my husband to help me clean the lounge and furniture and that included my glass cabinet where I house a part of my china collection. My husband as usual does his interpretation of Speedy Gonzalez and whizzes around cleaning everything at top speed. He washed and dried the glass shelves in the cabinet replaced them in the cabinet and came to pick up the china I had washed to return them to the cabinet......when I then heard an almighty crash of glass falling and smashing. Well I thought he had fallen over the cabinet so I ran into the lounge to find china and glass everywhere. He hadn't fallen over the cabinet but forgot to place the top glass shelf in the cabinet and went to put two figures on the top shelf at the same time and being as the shelf wasn't there the figures fell down hitting the second shelf which then hit the third shelf and that hit the last shelf knocking off all the rest of my china.
Needless to say I was furious as I lost two large pieces of Lladro, a piece of Delft,two pieces of Capidimonte and some Dresden. What really really upset me most was my Grandmother's Wedgewood jewel pot which was over 60 years old was smashed to smithereens.
Grrr! Sr P is not allowed to touch my china ever,since then!!!

Have a great weekend

Amanda :-)


  1. Oh my goodness, it must have been very hard to forgive him. (Or maybe you haven't?)

  2. Oh my!!! No forgiveness for that : I agree!!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  3. Wow... That was sad! I hope you were able to replace some of it!

  4. Oh what a shame! I would probably never have got over that! But then again, at least your husband wasn't hurt ....

    Claire xxx

  5. Oh, how sad!! My hubby and son call me a terrorist and ask me twice before touching my crockery, yarn or books. They also say that I love those things more than them...silly boys. Or maybe it is true?!! Haha

  6. They do get over enthusiastic at times don't they?

  7. Oh good grief! That man sounds like a 'one man demolition team'...rather him than you though! xxx

  8. Ohhh dear! Hmmm... forgiveness would be hard! jenx

  9. I feel your pain Amanda! just be thankful hubby wasn't hurt and I bet he's never lived it down haha, the spoon is beautiful, have a lovely Sunday :)

  10. Uh oh, that's awful - poor Señor P, it's hard to have treasured things broken. Looking forward to seeing more of your collection one day though.
    Happy Sunday

  11. Poor Sr P. I bet he felt awful.
    Love from Mum

  12. Oh my. How awful, especially to lose your Grandmother's piece. Poor Senor P. Will he ever get out of the doghouse????


  13. Your spoon is lovely and I should have sent my son-in-law there to the factory while he and my grandson were in Spain last year! I don't let my hubby touch my collectibles either:-D

    1. Hello Susan,Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. Was your son-in-law in Spain on holiday or was it work related? What part did they visit?

      keep well

      A xx

  14. Oh my goodness, my mouth dropped open in horror as I read that! What an awful loss, I'm sure hubby must have felt awful too, it makes me feel bad and I wasn't there! Your spoon is beautiful :) xx

  15. Oh no what an awful accident, I bet he felt terrible.
    that looks like a gorgeous shop
    love jooles xxx

  16. good morning, I stopping by threw friend Meredith at Mereknits. I have been looking for inspirational blogs and with that meeting new friends. I love your blog, would love to follow you
    I live in rural Missouri USA am retired and blog about my doings and all my crafts and other projects Kathy

  17. Ho Amanda....I love your Lladro spoon and it will be lovely to have a collection (great to have the factory shop close by too!)...Oh dear, I was reading your post wondering what was about to happen and now I know I can only begin to imagine the scene that day...Protect your china at all times Amanda!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  18. Amanda thank you so much for my mention and your kind words :).

    I love china, the thought of losing so many pieces is just horrible, I would be so upset.


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