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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Magic has come to stay

 Its a subtle feeling this magic that has invaded my home.....

no never invaded ...far too harsh a word for this secretive sweet presence that is making itself felt.
I have waited for my Heart of the Woods for many months now with a longing that borders on the questionable and although I knew that the waiting was inevitable for such a creature to be prepared and ready to travel to me from afar, still patience was difficult to master. Nevertheless there was pleasure too in the waiting, in the planning,in the suggestions and in the anticipation.

My Heart of the Woods,Spirit of the Forests and Guardian of the Sacred Yew tree,

she who abodes in that secret place in the spiritual heart of the living forests,revered and protect by the woodland folk. She who is the guardian of the Yew tree,the tree of life,the tree of eternity and of resurrection.
Her essence has come to me now brightening my days in one of her many forms, that of a hare.

Therefore I present to you GWENCALON, my Heart of the Woods as you can see she wears the sacred cape that which is woven from the thread of the leaves of the Yew tree,delicately studied with the Yew tree fruit,

and Gwencalon bears the marks of her station, the Yew tree blossom.

......lifting her hood makes her invisible to undesirables.....and see her delicate pantaloons, gossamer fairy made by the Fées of Rochecorbon and adorned with delicate lace.

 Some say Hares are rustic heavy and cumbersome creatures but none of this is apparent in Gwencalon,the chosen one;the Shining heart. Hers is a gentle wise nature and of a petite and dainty appearance and attire which belies her strong enchantments.

 My Heart of the Woods.


Have a wonderful Sunday and yes Gwencalon came to me from Sweet Stephanie at Millefeuilles
Thank you so much Stephanie.

Amanda :-)


  1. Oh yes Amanda I can feel the magic from here, love your woodland pictures and I love Gwencalon too she is definitely special. Have a great week :)

  2. ~A seeker of magic myself...I too can feel the magic here, Amanda .LOVED this post and Gwencalon....She is very special indeed.Wishing you all the blessings for the coming holidays..Stephanie is a clever one isn't she just! With 'Twinkles' ***** Maria x

  3. So cute, great forest green garb as well.

  4. I knew looking at your gorgeous girl that Stephanie had to have created her. SHe is amazing, lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Hugs to you,

  5. We all need some magic in our lives, love her and the pictures are wonderful too :) xx

  6. She is gorgeous.And what a lovely story!

  7. Beautiful. I thought that looked like Stephanie's work. The cross stitched leg was the giveaway!

  8. Oh Amanda,

    I am deeply touched by this magical tale of yours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your care and loving words.


    ps I think you're fab!

  9. Oh what a beautiful little hare, I love her hood - keep her safe and she will guard the magic within you xx

  10. She is so precious! Such a beautiful post.

  11. Beautifully magic! She looks so lovely, really nice :)

    Lluisa x

    1. Hello Lluisa
      How very nice of you to visit my blog and for your charming comments on my latest post. I did look for you when you became a follower on my blog but I kept turning up on your Google page. Now you have given me your blog address I can follow you too.

      A :-)

  12. I just in awe of the workmanship! What a love example of nature, XOXO

  13. Oh my. I have longed for a hare from Stephanie for a while. She is beautiful and magical. Lovely, lovely. Lucky you.


  14. She's so beautiful!!! Stephanie's sooooo clever! :-)

  15. Oh she is beautiful!

  16. ahh aint she cute! Adorable. xxx

  17. Hi my dear friend Amanda, I really miss your beautiful blog and sweet blog posts.. And also your sweet friendship..:))
    Thank you and I am very happy that I have very best friends just like you..:))
    All best wishes...

  18. She is beautiful! You are indeed blessed to have her :)

  19. She is too enchanting! How clever is Stephanie.Enjoy! xox Penny

  20. I'm bewitched Amanda, such a wonderful little character, beautifully made and full of sacred spirit.
    Have a good easter x

  21. Beautiful, Amanda, and a lovely introduction to her as well! Happy Easter to you and yours! Lx


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