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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Jaipur goes to Devon

My sister has just moved house and has also gone back to Devon (UK) to live. Lucky she has finally retired!  As I told her about time too as she rightfully deserves that retirement. She has worked real hard all her life and I am so glad she can get loads of quality time now. 
One of the reasons she has moved back to Devon is being in contact with her grandchildren and of course "The Pinks" ! The great grandchildren!!

The Pinks as I call them!

It is my sister's birthday next week and she has just received the plant I have sent her which I ordered online.

I always worry about these online purchases for birthday gifts in case they are not what they advertise on the webpage but going by this photo that she sent to me I think it lives up to its description. It also arrived dead on time so I shall be using this shop again.   Moving houses and a birthday is also a perfect excuse for me to crochet something so other than the plant I am also going to send her this Table runner that I have just finished.
I used Katia Jaipur cotton ( I heart that up just lovely!) and a 2.00 hook. I was inspired by a photo on pinterest of something similar to this but it is dramatically tweaked to fit the idea I had in my head so I think I can say it is my pattern.    I actually think it will look great on the table in this photo which is in my sister's new conservatory in her new house.    What do you think of the colours?  Constructive criticism welcome!!!


Keep well!!

Amanda :-)


  1. Happy birthday to your sister. The plant and your crochet look lovely

    Julie xxxx

  2. Congratulations to your sister on her retirement and new home and also a very Happy Birthday, it's all happening at once for her. The plant is lovely it looks very healthy and none the worse for it's postal journey. As for the table runner it's beautiful and the colours look perfect to me, I'm sure your sister was very happy with her gifts. :) xx

    1. thanks Linda! She was she always appreciates plants more than cut flowers.


  3. The pinks are adorable I can understand the need to be nearer to them. I loved the colour combination of the table runner, a great modern twist.

  4. Pink! Pink! Pink! There! I never get fed up of saying it! :).
    Is there any other colour...HeHe! NO! Of course not! :).
    I was dressed in pink, from day one, Mia Mama, being Sicilian,
    and as Sicilians seem to know the sex of their baby, before
    it's born..everything was prepared in pink! And, along came
    yours truly...! So for the first 12~14mths l was dressed in
    pink...Yes! And dresses! Now! on the good side, photos back
    then were all in black/white, so my baby photos, which l still
    have are all in B/W...No pink! I~LOVE~PINK! :0).

    Hope your sister enjoys her birthday Amanda...mine on the 21st.
    And her house plant looks lovely, my home is full of house plants,
    don't do 'cut' flowers...but growing plants, l give them ALL the
    house room they need!
    And, Devon is a lovely county...I live in the next county to it of

    It's mid morning over here...time for a lemon tea, and, a dough~nut
    out on the patio...AND...The suns out, and, it's nice and warm! :).

  5. Love that centerpiece pattern and the colors are so soothing. You're such a wonderful sister!

  6. Wow your table runner is fab! You should definitely write up and sell the pattern. Also I love The Pinks - too cute.

  7. COngrats to your sister on her retirement. I am far off of those days and hope I am still in good enough shape to enjoy them when they come. You are a dear to make that wonderful gift and send her a plant.

  8. Happy Birthday, Happy Retiremnet AND Happy Move to be nearer the Pinks to your sister. So much wonderful is happening to her all at once. You gave her such lovely gifts with the plant and the crochet runner. Both are lovely.

  9. Happy Birthday to your sister and congratulations on her retirement. So glad she can be close to her family, especially the "Pinks". I love the table runner. I watched the Vuelta and saw the area where you live. Beautiful. Hugs to you, my friend.

    1. OH dear I have just seen the date of this Sharon. Many thanks for popping in! xx


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