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Sunday 6 May 2012

The friendly spice

Firstly I'd like to welcome two new followers Cheryl at My little Piece of England  and Anne  A little fur in the paint , so pleased you have joined me here on my blog,thanks.

Another mini-hobby.

I have a little book which contains lots of scribbled notes where I start at the beginning....

Cinnamon ...yes... Cinnamon!

I'm sure all of you have used it at sometime or other;sprinkled over a custard pudding,a rice pudding, on an apple tart or over an ice-cream sundae...
RIGHT NOW don't go away I'm not going into a long long list of dishes where cinnamon can be used nor am I going to praise the culinary attributes of this spice as many as there are. My aim is to share the following two tips about the medicinal use of cinnamon with you.
That's it you see my mini-hobby I collect home remedies...sensible home remedies of course...which I do try myself and discard if I come to the conclusion its plain.... rubbish. I've picked them up here and there from my Gran,my mother,a neighbour, the lady at the fruit stall,from a magazine perhaps and so many different sources.

Getting back to Cinnamon the wonder spice and if you can bear with me a moment and jot down the following instructions:
Add a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon to a quarter of a teacupful of hot water and take before meals. In stubborn cases take between meals. Drink quickly -not nice!

and there you have it a remedy,which does work, to relieve flatulence,

that bothersome and at times embarrassing complaint ....  WIND.

but that's not all 

now jot down this

A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of cornflour in 3 to 4 tablespoons of milk. Stir well and drink quickly to coat and soothe the stomach. Not so nasty to drink as the previous remedy!

Works wonders to stop diarrhoea (non viral)!   

However these are home remedies....and are no substitute for a visit to the doctor if you have a lasting complaint.          
               Sunday tomorrow ....enjoy!


  1. Hi Amanda, thank you for the comment. The granny stripe pattern can be found at Lucy's blog If you like my blog with all the crochet, you'll love hers. This post made me laugh. Maybe I'll try a few home remedies for the family! xxx

  2. Hi Emma, I'm smiling...but those remedies do work and WIND can be so uncomfy LOL!
    I do follow attic24 even before I had my own blog and she makes some really lovely things-so colourful however I'll go back in again and look for the granny strip,thanks :-)


  3. I love home remedies - I shall have a try of these when the need arises xx


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