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I'm here to enjoy meeting other crafters and to share my ideas and projects. I love to crochet,cross stitch and embroidery but I'm keen to try new crafts too. I love music and I love to sing! Singing makes me happy. I collect jugs....its their shape I think! I am addicted to yarn and buttons. I get lost in book shops and can spend all morning there and I absolutely adore rummaging in flea markets. I love to read sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I would be the first passenger on the first time machine ! I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Do you trust me?


how awesome it is that you actually come and read my little blog. It does so much for me in so many ways and I want to give back and say thanks. So, I'm having my first solo giveaway wit - See more at:

I've been thinking about how awesome it is that you actually come and read my little blog. It does so much for me in so many ways and I want to give back and say thanks. So, I'm having my - See more at:
On my previous post here I announced my intention to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary with a GIVEAWAY

I have been thinking you see just how marvallous it is that you actually visit and read my blog and that some of you even follow it too!
It does so much for me ,in many ways,therefore I really think this occasion is a good one to give back in some small way for the warm support you have give me and also to say........THANK YOU!

Now then down to the nitty gritty and first of all what is in my giveaway .........

I regret to tell you its a surprise

You are going to have to risk your all my dear bloggers and jump in at the deep end.......

 The giveaway goodies will be craft orientated of course but you will not know what they are until three days after the winner is announced. The winner will be chosen via Random Number generator on 24th August and by 27th August I shall post the winner's prize. 

Now that gives you plenty of time for you to decide if you wish to take the plunge!
It gives you time to evaluate the risks.
It gives you time to think of the possibilities and ask yourselves:
 Will Amanda send the winner a bag of bubble gum,or a Cath Kidston everlasting gift voucher or balls of Catania cotton in exotic colours or a piñata full of dishclothes or 100grams of the Qiviut yarn from the Alaska muskoxen or perhaps the key to an apartment on the Costa Blanca coast;basket of yarn included?
 Ahhh well! all will be revealed on 27th August! 
You just have to trust me!

This 2nd blogiversary giveaway is open to all the world and beyond as usual.  However you do have to be a follower of my blog to enter,. You can check if you already are a follower or wish to become one using  the Google friend connect widget at the top of the page on the right hand side bar of my blog. 
Should you wish to be entered twice please give a mention on your blog and link to this giveaway . 

 Happy blogging :-)


“The secret to humor is surprise.”
I've been thinking about how awesome it is that you actually come and read my little blog. It does so much for me in so many ways and I want to give back and say thanks. So, I'm having my - See more at:
I've been thinking about how awesome it is that you actually come and read my little blog. It does so much for me in so many ways and I want to give back and say thanks. So, I'm having my - See more at:

how awesome it is that you actually come and read my little blog. It does so much for me in so many ways and I want to give back and say thanks. So, I'm having my first solo giveaway wit - See more at:

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Joining in

You are sure to know about Attic24: Granny Bunting for Yarndale and Lucy's invitation to the craft blog world to participate in the next Yarndale festival in Yorkshire in England in September. Lucy has posted for us a granny square pattern tutorial on her blog but we can also add the embelishments that we like to the basic pattern.
It seemed to me that due to where I live and that my blog name coincides with that, the most logical theme I should concentrate on for my bunting was the sea and to be more precise the Mediterranean.
Therefore I have concentrated on four different aspects of the Med and have tried to capture that in my four bunting triangles:
1. The deep deep dark blue sea where the whales bask and other larger sea creatures can be found.

2. The crystal clear tempting sapphire blue allows you to see multiple shoals of fish swimming by.

3.The hot Mediterranen sun above turns the reflection of the waters to many shades of blue.

4.The shallows turning the waters to a lighter misty blue and then greyish to white as the waves are formed to finally lap gently on the sand pushing up pebbles and shells on to dry land.

Now then should you find this post a little disjointed and full of punctuation errors it is because I am using a new blogging app called blogsy on my ipad and its my very first post from it. I really dont know how to use this app as yet. I hope I am going to be able to blog en route when I am out and about :-)
Amanda :-)

PS: I get an odd delight in thinking my bunting will be fluttering in the breeze over there in YORKSHIRE!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Now or Never

Getting this post out Now or never!!!

You may remember I posted a few months back about my first multi-craft (crochet,sewing & embroidery) doorstop here  called the TOWER and that my daughter took a liking to it ,which left me with no doorstop for our bedroom.
Understandably that meant I had to make another one!

I made up a shape ( I go by the first shape to determine what it is going to be) and I thought it could be a fat cat and so I made a fat head...Cheshire cat style...thinking I'd give it a large grin of course too.   However I got half way with it and I realized  I totally hated it and therefore rejected it  .... I was so annoyed after all the hours cutting it out and sewing it up and even stuffing the thing ... I literally kicked it away from me......sort of real artist frenzy like. Even Sr P said to me "what's the matter with you?"   I couldn't tell him it was so idiotic!      Then my imagination started its merry go round and there I was imagining and thinking what if it gets to talking to the other toys and gadgets in the house at night know like in Toy Story. "She's a real bitch...she kicked me"  grumble! grumble!. I would be the cruelest human in the world in their books. I mean I could be had up by the WSPT (World Society for Protection of Toys) . Could it be settled with a public apology!!! reflection in my microwave door brought me back down to earth.  I think my next utterance was more or less twit...woman...wakey...wakey!

Who for goodness sake leaves the door open to those dimensions?

Right well...back to a normal me I decided to use the scraps from said fiasco and made up another doorstop which met with Sr P's approval and more or less with mine.

Meet RIGBY :


Funnily enough we had a bit of hesitance and " who the hell are you" stare from His gloriousness Willie Shakespeare, our cat . He sat in front of Rigby for awhile and pondered and then just sauntered by into the bedroom, brushing himself generously up against him. 
If Willie could talk human I believe he would have said "passing through bro!". He totally ignores him now.

Many thanks to you all for your generous comments on my last post. I was feeling quite overwhelmed yesterday and could see another busy busy weekend ahead of me and not being able to blog once again. A dip in the cool water of the pool has certainly helped and I realize I've got to get myself in focus where my blogging is concerned and not worry so much about keeping up, as in fact it is not a race.

Amanda :-)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

A decision and celebrating.

A decision.

As much as I would like to reply to all comments on my posts I am finding it persistently difficult to find time to respond to them. This is due to work!It also looks as if  I'm not going to get my usual break over the summer months either. However in these difficult times I cannot turn my nose up at work!
I know I have mentioned this in previous posts but I still feel I am not pulling my weight where responding to comments and posting on my blog is concerned.

I have two options:
  •  I stop blogging.
  • I continue to lag behind but answer when I can and post when I can and kindly request that all bloggers and followers take note that is the way it has to be with Crafty on the Med until further notice . Further notice as in:  I win the lottery or the other circumstances not of our making are resolved and we don't have to foot the bills. Which will result in working less and blogging more :-)
The first option is unthinkable of course....that would really be the last straw that I have to give up my blog because of work. I count myself lucky in that I like my work but I also thoroughly enjoy blogging so they are just going to have to be compatible.
it is obviously the second option.  

and now to fun things

On 27th July I will have been blogging for two whole years!!!  

I still can't totally explain why I like blogging so very much but I'm going to try, at least to show my appreciation to all those fantastic bloggers I am in contact with.

I love that it gives me an enjoyable objective; a make,a post and answer & give comments.

I love that it makes me think about what is outside of my box,consider other points of view,cultures,circumstances.

I love that it has introduced me to some really wonderful people.

I love the inspiration and creativity it has awaken in me.

I love when bloggers comment on my posts it makes me feel recognized,comprehended....alive.

I love ....yes I could go on but to finish off I love that it is just for me. It is my space.

I must also add that I think the reason I started my blog has been fulfilled numerous times now! 

Therefore I really must celebrate with a GIVEAWAY! I haven't decided what it will be as yet...something has to be something nice. It'll be open to the world and beyond as usual.
I'll give you all the details on 27th July when I start the TWO YEARS GIVEAWAY.

Bye for now 'cos I'm off to the pool to soak!

Amanda :-)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

and here's another First

My first taste of Owlish crochet........

Would you believe it, all these years of doing crochet and I have never ever made an owl. Well when I saw Mandy's invitation to participate in her Owl CAL on her facebook page here at Mandy's Craft Tales. I thought that's destiny for you and it will make a very nice little distraction as I am getting decidedly FED UP with my latest doorstop which doesn't seem to be turning out just as I had imagined it would or should.
All the participants have had to use  the Small Owl Crochet pattern by Kristi Tullus but we've been allowed to add our own embellishments.

Here you have my entry for Mandy's CAL :

May I introduce you to Owldaf , the Magician's apprentice. he has got to stage 2 in his training so he is allowed to use his own wand and Cristal ball which he carries over his left wing in a little magical net bag . Magical net bags are a very secure means of carrying valuables for magicians as they are sealed with a complex spell so no one can open them except the magician who cast the spell.. Very practical!

He is looking a little bleary eyed because of all the late nights! You see 2nd year training is a good deal harder and more extensive than the first year. Poor lad! He still has six years more of training to do before he will be a fully fledged magician.

Take care now !

Amanda :-)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The very first!

MY very first Tutorial
google image
I am holding my breath somewhat on this one and hoping I haven't forgotten anything.
I don't write patterns. I usually make up a sample of my work for myself and I get my pattern from there if I ever want to use the same stitch or shape again.
This is harder than what I thought and now realize what all those pattern writers have to do and I've nothing but admiration for their patience and tenacity.
I'm also going to say something now which just may horrify some crochet pattern writers out there......writing out patterns is BORING!!!

Anyhow...I'm averting the task at here we go:
I've called this pattern  JIGSAW PUFF COVER as it is a bit of a jigsaw putting together the hexagons for the top of the cover. It does depend on the type of puff you wish to cover,of course.


For a Puff sized:
Top: 36 cm diameter
Sides 103cm circumference
Height: 32 cm

Materials: You can use any yarn at all however I used cotton.
It's too hot here to sit on wool with shorts on!

Coats SMC Catania RED x 3
Coats SMC Catania Brown x 2
Coats SMC Catania Orange x 2(looks yellow in the photo)
Coats SMC Catania Green x 2

Hook: depending on the yarn you use. I used a 2,50 hook.


I used UK abbreviations throughout.

Canada/USA                              UK/Australia/Europe
sl st - slip stitch                                  sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet                        dc - double crochet
hdc - half double crochet              htr - half treble crochet
dc- double crochet                             tr - treble crochet
tr - triple crochet                          dtr or dbl tr - double treble
                                                     ch - chain
                                                     st = stitch
                                                     RS= right side
How-to :
Magic ring:
Invisible decrease:
Basic crochet stitches:


Spikey Centre Hexagon

Row 1.  6 ch ring joining to first ch with a sl st
Row 2.  3 ch and 11 tr into ring sl st into top of 3 ch
Row 3. 2 chain into top of 3 chain, *2 ch, htr into next st,2 ch * repeat from * to * to end sl st into top of 2ch.
Row 4. 3 ch * 1 tr,2 ch,1 tr into 2 ch space,2 tr into next ch space x 2,1 tr, 2ch,1 tr into next 2 ch space * repeat * to * to end. Sl st into top of 3ch.
Row 5. 3 ch,*1 tr 2ch,1 tr into 2 ch space,1 tr into next 5 trs,1 tr,2ch,1 tr into next 2ch space * repeat from * to ^to end,sl st into top of 3ch .
Row 6. 3ch * 1 tr,2ch,1tr in next 2ch space,1 tr in next 7 trs,1 tr,2ch,1tr in next 2 ch space * repeat from * to *  sl st in top of 3 ch

Crinkle Centre Hexagon

Row 1. Magic ring. 6 dc into ring.
Row 2. 2 ch, 1 dtr ,1 ch , 1 dtr in each dc to end,sl st in top of 2 ch chain. (12)
Row 3. 2 ch,*1 htr in 1 ch space,2ch,1 htr in next 1 ch space* repeat from * to * to end. Sl st in 3 ch
Row 4. 3ch,1 tr,2ch 1 tr in 2 ch space,1 tr in next htr,1 tr in 2ch space,1 tr in next htr,1 tr,2ch.1 tr in next 2ch space * repeat from * to * to end. Sl st in 3 ch.
Row 5. 3ch in 2 ch space,2ch,1 tr,*1 tr in next 5 tr,1 tr,2ch,1 tr in next 2ch space* repeat from * to * until end. Sl st in 3ch. Fasten Off
RS facing return to Row 2,join yarn with ch in 1 ch space,dc ,ch 5,1 tr all in same space,*1 dc in next 1 ch space,ch 5,1 tr in same space * repeat from * to * until end  sl st in first dc.

sorry bit blurred

Row 1.  magic ring   3 tr,6ch into magic ring, sl st into first stitch
Row 2.  3ch in first tr, 2 tr in next two stitches,*3 tr,6ch ,3 tr in 6ch space,1 tr in each of next 3 tr* repeat from * to * to end. Sl st in 3ch.

Makeup as many Spikey Centre and Crinkle Centre Hexagons as you need to cover your puff top. Make up as many triangles as you need for spaces which are too small for a hexagon. 
This is the jigsaw part.
Once you have completed the jigsaw join together RS facing. You can do so by crocheting the hexagons together using dc stitches which will give it a ribbed effect or by sewing them together. 

RIM: this very much depends on the shape of your puff. I did  3 rows of dc around the completed Hexagon top . I didn't want the hexagons completely on the rim as they would get worn with use. I thought closed rows of dc would make it firmer. You may have to increase if its too tight or decrease if too loose. You may have to do a few more rows of dc but you are aiming at just going over the rim.I just started to overlap the rim by the 2nd dc row.

SIDES:If the top of your puff is winder than the sides then you will have to invisible descrease as you do the following:

Row 1. dc all around. Invisible decreasing after each 10 stitches for 2 rows. Invisible deceasing after each 8 stitches for 2 rows from Row 6 to Row 8.
Row 2. htr all around
of each colour
until 2 rows away from the bottom of the puff.

Last 2 rows 
1. dc all around
2. sl stitch all around 
The sides must be snug! Your aim is a tight fit otherwise it will go slack and baggy with use. I struggled to slip my cover over the puff but I'm glad I kept it pretty tight because I can see there is slack already.

I hope I haven't missed anything out but you know where I am if you have queries

Enjoy your weekend

Amanda :-)

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