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I am here to enjoy meeting other bloggers and to share my love of craft ,mostly crochet, my thoughts and my daily happenings here in Alicante,Spain, my adopted country. I belong to a local choir because singing and music makes me happy. Flea markets and book shops are two of my favourite places to be. I read lots......sci´fi/fantasy,buried treasure, and off world adventures. I have a passion for history! I walk and walk and walk for about 10 months per year during the hot months I swim.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

There it was gone!!!!

Holidays are wonderful but they are far too short. Its post-hols depression once again!!1

I'm shattered ....devastated!!!   My husband has cut up my heart and put it in a Spanish Omelette. Now then...for those of you who are wondering what the dickens I am talking about you best pop in to my last post here. I wouldn't like you to think Sr P has gone down Hannibal Lecter's road  and Silence of the Lambs is repeating itself in real life!!!!

I've popped in these photos of two adorable fairies that my sister has knitted for her great grand-daughter E. I just love them and they have such delightful names; Fairy Rose and Fairy Daisy.
Fairy Rose

and here you have a photo of little E who took to her Fairy Rose straight away!
Permission granted by E's Mum to use this photo on my blog

 I am pleased to  inform you my Mediterranean Giveaway goodies arrived safely to Zana at Zana's homemade   in New Zealand and surprisingly quick too. I added a few bits more to the original contents but I'll leave that for Zana to tell you about.

On the receiving end my heart missed a beat when I saw this parcel arrive:

 I just love the cheeriness of this postal jiffy bag. You know straight away that its something good inside!   It was indeed! The smashing giveaway that I won from Sue at Mrs Micawber

Just adore how the parcel is sealed up with two crochet flowers. The magazine well I can tell you it is truly years since I have had a Crochet Magazine in English in my hands!

The yarn is unbelievably soft and I just love that colour.  At present I'm putting it away until I decide what I am going to make with it  for ME. As it is all for ME this time!!!!   Sue also sent me some buttons for my button cache and the beautiful pink crochet hook purse.  Sigh!!! all gratefully received ,thank you Sue!

Busy busy time of the year for me but I've been squeezing in some quality time here and there to make up my bits for the Golden Autumn swap that Blueberry Heart is hosting which I will send to my swap partner Ellie at Feltabulous around mid October .  I can't show you any of it because it would be telling .....wouldn't it?

Here is one of my makes which I made during August.

A Mandala Fridge magnet

I don't feel as if I've achieved much craft wise throughout one month's holiday but the pig sty had to be converted back into a home again so I've been cleaning and cleaning and now it looks decent.

 We did managed to get to the beach to do it a bit of snorkel diving though.
We've returned to a little secluded part of the coast which isn't really a beach because it is mostly pebbles and rocks. We used to go there some years back so we were pleased to find the sea is as crystal clear as ever and fabulous for snorkel diving.  You don't get a lot of people there either because of the lack of sand but we don't mind that at all, as armed with our good old plastic sandals and spending most of the time in the sea  it  doesn't bother us. We did notice though because of the dunes further up that it has become popular now with nudists.They camp up in the dunes and come down to the sea to swim. We can usually hear them coming down to the shore because they don't know what plastic sandals are and the uuuh, ouch,ah ,B*** sounds as they step on the pebbles are quite loud.  I think I'd do quite a roaring trade in the summer selling plastic sandals and I think they might just break their nudist rules and cover their feet.  That nudists inhabit the dunes doesn't bother us at all either as we go there for the clear waters and the snorkeling which Sr P and I enjoy so much. It has even crossed my mind and I have discussed it with Sr P too wondering what it would be like to do the same...go nude that is..... but being blessed or cursed with a vivid imagination I imagined It would just be my luck that one of my students would one day come walking towards me and I assure you I'd die there and then of embarrassment!


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Keep well you all

Amanda :-)


  1. Goodness.. you've been busy making the most out of summer, haven't you! I need to do a good cleaning here too.. not always easy when our 5 and 6 year old grandsons live with us and love to draw and color! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Πολύ όμορφες δημιουργίες Amanda!!Καλή εβδομάδα!!!Φιλιά!!

  3. The bit about going nude made me giggle. I don't think I could ever do that, too modest around strangers. I'm glad you got to go snorkeling and the water looks so, so refreshing.

  4. Loved the two knitted fairies they were delightful. What a great giveaway, the yarn looked stunning. The water does look so inviting...

  5. Ah, how those summer days pass all too quickly into memories. Lovely ones though. Nude, my wobbly bits are best covered. Besides, I imagine I would be so scared of being seen that I would turn into a salt water prune while waiting for the coast to be clear enough for me to emerge from the sea into the safety of a towel! Beautiful gifts - bloggers are such generous people!

    ps Little E is gorgeous! Her new dolls are lovely, knitted with love.

  6. Cute fairies , little E is sure enjoying it . You have got lovely gifts :) glad to know that you had a great time on vacation.

  7. Just lovely. What a lot of great makes and a wonderful swap.

  8. What a lovely way to cheer up another person. I do really like this swap of yours.
    The internet world has made the world smaller and we feel close to people from all over the world.
    Blogglandia is a nice place to be :o) Wish you a perfect sunday. Here in Norway we have autumn, cold grey and wet Sunday.

  9. Snorkelling is a great way to spend time, not sure I'd want to do it nude either! Lovely swap there, and oh so cute little one! :) xxx

  10. Eat your heart out Sr P, your wife's heart is well and truly in the right place bringing joy to Blogland with her wonderful tales.
    PS I'm sure his heart is also in the right place - just go steady on that nudist beach!

  11. Glad you had a lovely break and got lots done. The sea looks so blue and inviting! The fairies are very sweet and such a lovely photo of little E with hers! Your crafty gifts look like wonderful treats :)
    Happy week ahead, Amanda.
    Helen xox

  12. Yes we also suffer from PDH - post holiday depression! Love the knitted fairies - so cute! I envy your access to the sea.

  13. I'm certainly cheered up just reading your lovely post. I've been away too long, XOXO

  14. I'm doing some long overdue blog post catch up reading. So glad to hear you are well and have enjoyed your summer ... M x

  15. You are so funny, it would be my luck to to run into someone I know while trying the nudest thing. And let me just say this 50 year old body doesn't need to be seen by anyone tha tis for sure.

  16. I love snorkelling but haven't skinny dipped since I was 26 & fairly sure I' not likely to again !

  17. Those knitted fairies are so sweet and I love the fridge magnet, lovely giveaway goodies too. The water looks so inviting, I have a pebble beach close to me too and I love the pebbles we have no nudists though, and I don't think I would fancy it myself, I had to have a giggle at the thought of you running into one of your students while you were in the nude doesn't bear thinking about haha xxx

  18. It's an omelette made with lots of love Amanda! :-)
    How cute is little E with her fairy too and your crochet is so pretty x
    Hope you're having a lovely week,
    Susan x

  19. So glad you enjoyed a good holiday, have had another good swap, Amanda, and thanks for showing us your sister's sweet fairies, and your pretty mandala magnet. I am on holiday, taking photos, and buying some fat quarters for a patchwork quilt I hope to sew...someday :-) Wishing you happy days!

  20. Miss E, and her fairies, are absolutely adorable! You are one, talented and crafty family!

    You know, we don't have as many nudist beaches here in Crete, anymore, and I've also noticed that less and less women are going topless. Wonder why...

    Enjoyed this post, so full of your fun-filled adventures!


  21. I'm so glad you liked your package ... I couldn't resist that cheery pink jiffy bag. :)

    Those fairies are indeed adorable, and little Miss E looks like a sweetheart. I love that fridge mandala - so pretty, and probably very quick to make (unless you're like me and get bogged down in colour choices).

    Snorkeling sounds wonderful, and your idea of a sandal business sounds very profitable. :)

  22. Yes, you're right holidays are so precious. And yours seem to have been great. I love the two fairies and your give-away present just looks gorgeous. Hope you had a good start into everyday life again. Viola

  23. Wow! Your fingers have been busy, but that's what does us good, XOXO

  24. Hi Amanda,
    Just to let you know your Yarndale mandala was on the table in Lucy's knit n natter corner next to mine - just like on Pinterest too! I've just written about my day there, there's lots of photos so go take a look and see your gorgeous mandala again :-)
    Amanda XX

  25. Woah, for a sec I was worried about your heart (until I read the potatoe post...)! :-)

    Your holiday pics are so lovely! Makes me want to go there too!

    Take care

  26. Nude snorkelling ... would it be a first I wonder?

    Sweet little fridge magnet :)

  27. Loved all of this post that I missed last month. Your package looks lovely and cheerful. The last bit DID make me giggle too. Swimming nude is definitely not something I'll be doing...ever.


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